YouTube will delete all the annotations of videos in January

Google has announced that as of January 15 2019 all the annotations of YouTube videos will stop showing.

Back in 2008, the popular streaming video platform included among its editing features the possibility of adding annotations to videos. Thanks to this option, the creators could put small text messages and links in their contents, in order to provide some explanation in a specific point of the video, as well as provide any other related information.

However, many users complained that YouTube annotations were annoying, as they interfere with the viewing of videos and force them to close them manually or to configure the player to deactivate them.

In addition, over time the editors stopped using this tool. According to the data handled by Google, the use of this feature had decreased by around 70% in favour of the cards and end screens, which is why the company closed the YouTube annotation editor last year.

Thus, since May 2 2017, the editor no longer have the possibility to include new annotations in their videos, nor to edit those that were implemented in previous videos. You could only delete the ones you have put on your videos.

The next logical step is about to occur. Google has announced that the annotations of all YouTube videos will stop showing up as of January 15 2019, so that if you are one of the users who considered this feature annoying, it will stop bothering you. The platform will eliminate all existing annotations.

Although there are many people who do not like them, deleting the annotations completely may also have some drawback. For example, they were useful for correcting or updating video information, such as links that no longer work, so by getting rid of them, these details will be lost.

Google said this here.

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