How to easily transfer contacts from one phone to another

The good old paper address book is now a thing of the past. We live today in a digital society. The vast majority of people store their contact details on a mobile phone. It is certainly more practical but when you want to change your smartphone, it can cause some problems especially when you do not master very well all the subtleties of the device.

Transferring contacts from one phone to another is a matter of concern when switching from one operating system to another, or when switching from a phone of the same operating system to another.

Learn how to do it easily.

Contacts can be conveniently transferred through different phone accounts.

When you transfer data from one phone to another, the process is usually easy. For example, when you move things from one iPhone to another, you don’t have to do anything but record your phone into your account if your phone information is stored on your computer or iCloud .

Often, the transfer of data between two different operating system phones is quite difficult. The measures vary depending on the make, model and operating system of the phones. The easiest way to transfer contacts is to use the phone accounts and the computer to transfer them.

and other methods.

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Here’s how to move contacts through related accounts

You need an account corresponding to your phone’s operating system to transfer contacts here.

Three of the most common telephone systems used around the globe are Android, iOS and Windows.

Since different operating systems are not always able to handle customized accounts correctly for another operating system, it is a good idea to transfer the data through the computer. The process proceeds as follows:

1. Make sure your old phone has an account that matches your phone’s operating system, and the contacts are set to do contact synchronization to this account.

2. Log in to that account through the computer and export the contacts from the account to the file you selected.

Account links for different OSs: Google account, AppleID, and Microsoft account.

3. Create (if necessary) an account corresponding to your new phone system, and sign in to your account through your computer.

4. Import contacts from the file created in step 2 to the new account. Importing takes place within the ‘import ‘ function of the account attached to the new device, which can be found at the above mentioned addresses.

5. Add (if necessary) a new account to your new phone, and sync your account information.

After these steps, the new phone should have all the same contacts as the old one.

To make things easier for you let’s consider Transferring contacts on Android devices greatly. It’s obvious that people use Android more than others, so if we have a deeper discussion on how to do contact switching on Android phones, we will be helping a lot of people. I use Android too.

How to transfer your contacts to a new Android phone

You have just changed your android phone and would like to transfer your entire address book to your new device(Android) without having to retype all your contact details? Rest assured, there are some very simple methods to import your contacts to another Android smartphone.

Import contacts stored on an old phone through synchronization

Transfer your address book via your Google Account

As an Android user you have a Google Account and therefore a Gmail address. The free email service published by Google offers a feature to synchronize your phone contacts. To use it, you just have to check that it is activated on your device.

How to transfer contacts on Android phones

1. Open the settings of your old phone.

2. In the Accounts section, click on the Google icon and then on your e-mail address.

3. Make sure the Contacts box is checked, otherwise do it right away.

how to do contact synchronization through Android phone

4. The synchronization will then start automatically.

Then you’ll just need to link your new phone to your Google Account (same one you used on the old phone). All your phone contacts will then be automatically transferred to your device.

Note that you can also export your address book in .CSV format to keep a backup on your computer. To do this you will need to connect to your Gmail account from a computer, then click on More Actions and Export.

Use your SIM card to retrieve all your contacts and put into another phone

This method will work for all types of smartphones. But the focus here is Android.

If for various reasons you do not want to save your contacts on Google’s servers, maybe because you are thinking vulnerability, know that you can use the SIM card to transfer your address book to another phone.

Copy contacts from your phone to your SIM card

The first step is to transfer all your contacts to a SIM card.

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1. Launch the Contacts application.

2. Press the Menu key.

3. Then select Export or Import/Export depending on the model of your phone.

4. Click on Export to SIM card.

5. Choose the Select All option to copy all your contacts.

6. Then do not forget to validate by pressing the OK button.

You have just saved your contacts in the SIM card.

Import your SIM contacts to your new smartphone

1. Insert the SIM into your new phone.

2. Open the Contacts app on your new device.

3. Click the Menu button.

4. Select Import and then Import from SIM.

5. Then choose the location where you want to import your contacts.

6. Validate your choice by clicking on the OK button.

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