Tor Browser Is Now Available On Android

Tor Browser for Android is now officially available on Google Play Store and Tor Project website.

If you are concerned about privacy and protecting your data online, you may not like Google Chrome and other related browsers. There are tons of web browsers for desktop computers, but mobile phones do not have much browsers. It is just recently that developers of web browsers decided to consider the Smartphone category  much. Tor is a popular and preferred browser for those who like to browse the internet without being tracked, and it is now available on Android. Tor has a famous claim that it allows its users to browse the web anonymously. Well, at least people who are using it had confirmed this on many occasions.

Tor redirects traffic through a relay network to prevent activity tracking. But for now, for this to work on Android, users must download Orbot, which is a proxy application. Orbot works with the Tor browser to connect to the Tor special network.

It should be noted that this (the newly released Tor Browser for Android) is an alpha version, that is why it only works well when used with Orbot. But Tor hopes to no longer need the separate Orbot application in the future. In addition, if you use Orfox, a browser that uses the Tor network, it will be removed for the benefit of the official Tor browser. Tor Browser for Android stable version is set for 2019.

The team said that future versions of Tor Browser for Android will have all the necessary features and will not have to depend on other applications to do its work perfectly. For now, you must accept the Orbot prompt when you first launch Tor Browser for Android. This operation will open the Orbot page on Google Play store, where you can install the application. Note that you must configure Orbot so that Tor will use it as a proxy on the device. It is simple to set up.

Just start the application and check the Tor Browser for Android section under Apps to do it.

NOTE: The version of Tor Browser for Android came just few days after the release of Tor Browser 8.0 for desktop operating systems.

First thing you should do when wanting to browse with it is to load into the browser to verify that the connection is flowing through the Tor network. The browser has a bookmark on the start page that you can use or you can type the URL manually. If you have used Firefox on Android before, you will not find it’s interface strange because Tor Browser looks like Firefox. It is a advanced version of Firefox.

The main changes include privacy-related configuration changes to improve privacy and the inclusion of multiple add-ons – HTTPS Anywhere and NoScript – that are enabled by default. Open Menu, Security, Settings in order to manage the security level of Tor Browser. The level is set to standard the same way it is with desktop version. And you can increase the level of security or use the safest, but it reduces the functionality.

If you select Safer, Tor will disable JavaScript on non-HTTPS sites, disable some math symbols and fonts, and make HTML5 support click to play.

You can download Tor Browser and Orbot in the links below.

Tor Browser (Alpha)
Price: Free

Here’s what you get with this first release:


The Tor browser isolates every website you visit so that tracking tools and third-party ads can not keep up tabs on you. All cookies are automatically deleted when you have finished browsing. Remember I once made a post where it was said that Google always track your activities on the internet, and where the giant accepted the claim. Well if you decide to use Tor browser, no one not even Google will be able to track you again, at least not via the browser.


Tor browser prevents anybody from monitoring your connection to know which websites you visit or stay on. Anyone who monitors your browsing habits can only see that you are using Tor. “Network is on Tor.” Just something like that.


Tor is designed to make all users look alike, so the Tor Android Browser will prevent trackers from taking your finger prints based on your browser and device information.


Tor uses a three-level encryption system. When you use Tor Browser for Android, your traffic is relayed and encrypted three times as it passes through the Tor network. The network includes thousands of servers which are run by volunteers, called Tor Relays. ##Watch this animation to learn more about how it works.


Have you ever tried to access a website before but was not able to, maybe because your ISP objected? Don’t worry, with Tor Browser for Android, you are free to access sites that your local ISP may have blocked.

If you want a VPN that will give you a special protection while using Tor, you should read this article.

The article explains:

  • How users can access a VPN service within Tor reliably and anonymously.

  • How to get on ExpressVPN‚Äôs .onion site.

  • How this onion service prevents exit node tracking – a weakness of Tor that exposes traffic.

Conclusion: Tor Browser works well for the most part. It’s still an alpha version on the other hand, and that means you should expect some bugs and problems. If you need to use Tor in critical environments, you’re probably better off using other applications or methods for now.

It is good to see that Tor Browser has come for Android. The project just needs a little time to release a stable version of the mobile web browser so that it is ready for use in all environments.

So do you want to use Tor Browser on your Android phone?

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