Symptoms of ‘Computer Eye’ Fatigue and How to Relieve it

Computer eye fatigue or strain occurs whenever you work on your computer or mobile phone for a very long time. When working on our computer or mobile phone there is 99% of our eyes being focused on the screen. And when you focus your eyes on something the muscles that are around and inside our eyes gradually adjust their shape, which affects the refraction of the eyes lens negatively. The shape of the lens changes occasionally and is dependent on the location of the object you are looking at. Enough of this, we are not in a Biology class!
Research shows that urban people use their computers and mobile phones for almost half of the day. At times, they watch the screen for at least 14 hours a day, and if they don’t feel anything, they won’t feel that their 40 or 50-year-old eyes may collapse.

eye fatigue
5 Symptoms of Computer Eye Fatigue

Well you may feel that you have not really experienced computer eye strain before, that’s okay. But with what I am about to tell you, I would like you to look back at all the days you have been using your computer or phone to know if you have ever had any related experience. These are the things I am talking about:

1. Blurred vision: This is a process whereby the images and texts on your computer screen start looking fuzzy even though you have focused your eyes properly on them. This may also mean double vision, i.e. an object appearing to be two on your eyes when it is actually one. Not only on the gadget’s screen, when you look at objects around you the same thing happens. The blurriness will normally go away after some time of rest if it was caused by computer eye fatigue.

2. Eyes irritation: Your eyes dry out and began to feel itchy and uncomfortable. In a worsened situation they can even begin to burn and at the same time cause redness.

3. Dizziness: When you look at objects around you they seem to be spinning about.

4. Headache: (Dizziness can cause headache). Have you ever felt something that looks like headache when you have stayed on your computer screen for a very long time? That may be a negative effect from eyes strain cause by your computer screen.

5. Tiredness: Tiredness is a normal thing when you work continuously on your system without resting and can be as a result of eyes strain.

11 Easy Ways to Relieve Yourself From ‘Computer Eye’ Fatigue
I am very sure that the following discussions are best for you whenever you are trying to get rid of this problem. They are very simple and not hard to understand or follow.

1. Try to cover your eyes with your hands: This is a meditation that belongs to the eyes. Close your eyes first, cover your eyes with your palms, and then relax your eyes with deep breathing to relieve pressure on your neck and shoulders.

2. Take a break: Let your eyes rest for 15 or 20 minutes after they have been on the screen for 1 to 2 hours, and at the same time look at distant objects to relax your eyes. It’s hard to do, but slowly try to develop the habit. Though this does not mean that you must leave your work every 1 or 2 hours, it simply means that you should try to look away from your screen at times, especially when you start feeling uneasy. Don’t glue your eyes to the screen for all the 3,000 seconds your work will take.

eye strain from computer screen
3. Wear computer glasses: Wear computer glasses and always watch 50-70 cm from the screen to reduce the burden on the eyes.

computer eye fatigue and strain

4. Always blink: When you are working on a computer with high intensity, you will gradually forget or stop blinking while making the eyes drier. Blinking of eyes once every 10-15 seconds allows oxygen and nutrients to nourish the eye and cornea. Tears will make your eyes clearer.

5. Add light: Be sure to turn on a light when using the computer. Staring at the screen in the dark will accelerate eyes strain.

6. Reduce the blue light at night: Harvard University study pointed out that at night, Blue-ray will reduce the level of Melatonin, causing adverse health effects, and even cause increased incidence of diabetes, obesity, cancer and other diseases. When you use the computer at night, you can add a Blue-ray filter.

computer eye
7. Vitamins, minerals supplementation: The eyes as important organs in the human body require more energy, so they must be supplemented with sufficient vitamins and minerals such as vitamins A, C, E, B and zinc.

8. Homeopathy: The most common homeopathic therapy is the ornamental plant “Musk,” which relaxes the tight eye muscles that are staring at the computer for long periods of time. Put a little paste of it on your eyes.

9. View computer screen from a good distance: As mentioned above, keeping 50-70 cm with the screen is the best. According to the statistics of the American Optometry Association, 70-75% of computer users have problems with eyes fatigue, which also causes other symptoms such as headaches, red eyes, and blurred vision. So after reading this post, quickly moved your eyes off the screen and let them rest.

10. Keep the screen bright: This will reduce the flickering of the screen and reduce eyes fatigue. In addition, a brighter screen will allow the pupil to shrink, so that the focus falls on a more appropriate range.

11. Roll your eyes: This just popped up in my brain at this point and I think it is good. Close your eyes, not tight, and roll your eyes balls. It will help to lubricate all parts of the eyes with tears and make them clearer.

I think we have gone a long way in this discussion. Though if you have something else in mind or you just want to make a contribution you can use the comment section. Share this post, please.

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