Spy on WhatsApp messages without software

“You think your husband or anyone else is cheating on you and want to know how to read messages from their WhatsApp account?”

“Want to spy on your children’s WhatsApp account to keep them safe?”

In this article, I will show you a simple and effective method for hacking a person’s WhatsApp messages. You do not need to install anything (no software needed here) to be able to use this trick.

Spying on WhatsApp with software

Spy on WhatsApp message

There are lots of articles and videos on the internet that teaches how to hack whatsapp with software. But, sorry to tell you, most of these sites give you false hopes. Some of them can even be used to spy on your own device by the developers in other to steal your valuable information.

Pay attention! Do not believe everything you find on the internet. Direct WhatsApp hacking software hardly exist. Only few work well and they require some money.

Wintego Spy, for example, is a reliable spy application that allows you to spy on a WhatsApp account and other network accounts are.

Wintego Spy is a mobile device monitoring software that can spy on many instant messengers.

It also gives you the ability to discreetly monitor all communications, geographical positions and user’s behavior on a smartphone from any internet browser.

However, this application needs you to do some settings remotely on the phone of the person you want to monitor before it will work. The solution is very effective and simple to implement and it pays off. You can read about the application here.

How to spy on WhatsApp without an application

Spying on a WhatsApp account without installing an application is possible. It’s even very easy for anyone to spy on WhatsApp with this method. Because it’s not everybody that can pay for a spying software.

The method here is to use WhatsApp web.

Whatssap Web is the web version of the WhatsApp application. It gives you the opportunity to use WhatsApp from a web browser, on a PC for example.

The big advantage of this technique is that you no longer need to access the phone physically. You will simply need your computer.

Spy on WhatsApp with WhatsApp Web 

To make this trick work, you need a computer and the mobile of your target.

Spy on WhatsApp

First, open the WhatsApp app on the phone of the person you want to monitor. Later, you need to activate WhatsApp Web on the mobile of your target. Do these:

On Android: go to the Discussion screen > Menu > WhatsApp Web 

On iPhone: go to Settings > WhatsApp Web. 

On Nokia S60 and Windows Phone: Go to Menu > WhatsApp Web. 

On BlackBerry: go to Discussions > Menu > WhatsApp Web.

Then open the following link: web.whatsapp.com from your computer. Now scan the QR Code displayed on your PC screen with your target’s smartphone.

How to read someone's message on WhatsApp

That it, you’re done. The WhatsApp web version displays on your computer, like magic, the list of all conversations now open up on the computer and the phone of the person you are monitoring too.

Once the account is authenticated, WhatsApp Web remains permanently linked to the mobile application of your target. Just go to web.whatsapp.com to receive a copy of all messages sent and received from the victim’s phone.

Practically easy and effective, right? Comment and share with friends.

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