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Technology has really done lots of good and bad things to the world. Today it is not surprising if we hear that someone does extraordinary and unimaginable things with the help of internet and technology. Well, I am patiently waiting for a day we’ll be able to download food from the internet and place on our table whenever we are hungry. Hahaha! Mad thought, right?

So You Want to Spy on… who? 

Spy now

Today I want to tell you about an application you can use to spy on your children, partners, wife, and husband…, everybody who has a smartphone with Android OS. It is the best Android spying software to catch cheating spouse, where you can silently record their text messages, GPS location, call information, and social media message with your own smartphone or computer.

If you feel like somebody is doing what is not right at your back but are afraid to confront the person because you don’t have evidences which you can use to support your claim, this post is your best friend. I know how it feels to know that somebody is cheating on you without knowing how to proof it. It kills inside.

Honestly you have every right to voice out your concern but if your suspicions are baseless, you are surely going to take the blame at the end if anything should go wrong in the relationship because of your (what would be described as ‘selfish’) act. I wish you will no longer have unjustifiable suspicions after going through this post.
You really think your spouse is cheating on you? Use Wintego Spying software to catch her now.
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What is needed for this to Work?

I hope the person you want to spy on has an android phone. If he or she doesn’t maybe you could try and get them one. Now let us see how the spying process could be achieved, without even touching his or her phone. The process is very simply and the setup will only take few minutes.

The first thing to do is to go and download the paid Wintego spy application from their official website. Let’s get it straight, such an app can never be free. If you ever come across an app which can do such work and they say it is free, it might probably not be working fine. This app is the best of its kind (or you wait and see all the top media platforms that have recommended it) and has been in existence for more than 10 years.

Good thing is…

Tablet view

The app is below $50 and it does not have monthly or recurrent fees. You only pay once.

Now once you have downloaded the app you just have to install it on your mobile smartphone. You will have to consider some simple commands on your phone to connect the app with the phone of the person you want ‘watch’. Afterwards, the app will do the rest for you; you won’t need to touch your husband’s/wife’s phone during the process of installation.

Android view

Wintego spy is a very powerful app, which has been featured on CNN, BBC, New York Times, New York Post, USA Today, Forbes and more. It is a popularly talked about spying app that allows you watch anybody’s activity on your own cell phone. The person you are spying on will never get to see what you are doing.

The application has many features that allow you to know everything the person is doing on his or her phone. These are some of its best features:

Or you Can Visit Wintego spy Official website for true understanding of its whole features.

Wintego Spy


1. Locate phone position with high accuracy.

2. Record phone calls with high quality audios.

3. Record phone surrounding at any moment.

4. Read SMS, Whatsapp, Viber messages.

5. Track social network chatting: Facebook, Skype, Gtalk,, Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger, etc.

6. Track Emails: default emails, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, all.

7. Track browsing history: default browsers, chrome, Firefox, Opera.

8. Read entire contact list: Phone number and Email addresses.

9. Monitor applications installed on the phone.

10. Access videos and pictures taken by the target phone.

11. All history data comes with time and coordinates.

12. Notifications: Sim Card changed notification.

13. Storage Manager: view folder and files.


As you can see above, having this app is as good as having your partner’s phone with you all the time.

Proof of the app having been featured on top media platforms like CNN and BBC:



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#BBC News




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#Yahoo News


These are recent users’ views about the application:





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So do you really want to spy on your spouse Phone? Get Wintego Mobile spy software now. Visit Wintego spy Official website by clicking this link.

What do you think about this software? Comment and share the post to your friends. Someone out there may need to read a post like this.

DISCLAIMER: Just like you are going to see on their official website, do not use the software for illegal activities. If you do do not make references to this post or blog.

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