Show hidden Files on Android phones


You can view hidden files and folders on Android using the default file manager (the one provided with Android OS) or third-party file management applications.

In this article we will see both methods in details.


Method 1: Show hidden Files from File Manager

Show hidden files on File Manager

Most Android devices include a default file management application. It may be called “My Files” or “File Manager”.

Open the default file manager. Press the 3-dots button at the bottom right that displays a sub-menus.

Then select Settings. Tap and check the “Show hidden files” option.

Now you can see hidden files and folders on your Android device.

If you want to hide hidden files and folders, press menu and choose the option “Hide hidden files”.

If you want to hide your own personal file or folder on the phone so that it will stop showing up on your smartphone, ordinarily, follow this short tutorial.

Method 2: Display the hidden files with ES File Explorer application

In this method we will use the ES File Explorer application which contains many options that are not available in the default file manager menu. ES File Explorer allows you to manage your Android phone and organize your files efficiently and share files easily. To make cached files or other hidden files appear on android with ES File Explorer, please follow these steps:

Hide and show hidden files on Android

1. Open the application.

2. Drag the  menu drawer to enable the option “Show hidden files”.

ES File Explorer will then start to show all the hidden, cache or system files on your phone. You can decide to delete some of them in other to increase the size of the available memory on your phone storage system.

To hide hidden files and folders, disable the “Show hidden files” option. Or you can read this post to know how to hide files or folders on your Android device without any application.

You can also download other free file management applications from Google Play store. Here are some of the popular ones:


Amaze File Manager
Price: Free

File Manager (ASUS)

File Manager
Price: Free

Solid Explorer

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