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I do not usually install so many things on my mobile phone, no matter how good an app seems to be. I try to stay away from having too many of them hanging out on my phone. There are many good Apps out there, and I don’t have to thinking about installing all of them on my smart-device, it will make my phone run slowly. Moreover I only need to use just few apps for what I am interested in.

What is this about? That I do not need third-party tools when the phone has what I need, but believe me, I’m determined to install apps to the fullest, of course, with the sole purpose of testing them and then uninstalling. Some apps only last 5 minutes on my phone. That’s just me.

My mobile phone does not need any file cleaner, or let’s say I do not need a cleaner application before I would be able to remove junk and unwanted files from my phone. I have never been interested in installing one of those. But as I have told you up there, sometimes I do install some applications that catch my eye, maybe because of the description they have, just to test them. For me it is fun and adventurous. On that behaviour I came across one of Google’s best apps, Files Go, and fail in love with it. The new features that have been integrated in its latest version are all great. 

Files Go has the concept of being a Google smart storage manager that helps you free up space on your phone so that it always feels new. With Files Go, you can find files quickly and share them both online and offline easily and securely.

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With this little concept you will understand how great Files Go is, and the need to install it on your phone. Files Go does not only work as a simple file manager or/and space cleaner, it has many other interesting features.

Files Go has received important improvements in it’s new updates, and now it is possible to open compressed files with it. So obviously, when someone sends you a compressed file, you will no longer need to install an app separately before you can view its content.

So what’s all the hype about… does Files Go really worth it?

Let’s look at some of the features it comes with.

Cleaning Tab: From this tab you can search and delete files that you no longer need easily and without problems.

Offline File Transfer:  Enjoy faster sharing now without an Internet connection at speeds up to 490 Mbps. You can share all types of files with your friends who also have the application on their phone.

Compatibility With Compressed Files: Now you can open those files that are compressed, and which you could not open ordinarily.

Browsing/Search Tabs: This new function will facilitate the exchange of files with others.  Here you can easily locate the files on your device with just few clicks. It uses a filtering process rather than folders so that the files on your Smartphone is well organized and can easily come up when it is searched for.

Check Storage Space: This feature allows you to know when you are running out of space on your device and the SD card that is inserted on it. It also allows you to easily transfer files from phone storage to your SD card.

Free Up Space: It allows you to easily remove unwanted photos or videos and junk files from your phone. In addition you can delete memes from chat apps, duplicate files, cache, unused applications, etc.

Smart Notifications: When you use the app for a long time, it will be familiar with what you do on the phone. It will know the apps you always use and the ones you don’t use often or don’t use at all and be able to suggest to you the things you have to delete or uninstall in other to free up some space on your device. Isn’t this wonderful?

Encryption Files Sharing System: Files Go use a WPA2 encryption system to transfer your files offline so that they can not be compromised.

Cloud Storage: Google Drive is integrated into the application so your files can easily be backed up on the Could Storage. Obviously the best way to keep your files save is to store them on the ‘cloud‘.

Lightweight: Files Go doesn’t take much space on your phone. It is just about 9MB, and it is free from malware that could hang or make your phone run slowly.

Google is a giant and their products are always good. I think the amazing features listed above should make you want to try the application, after all it is completely free and has no ads. For now I will keep this wonderful Google app installed on my phone, as long as it is still necessary.

The updated version of Files Go is available on Play Store.

And it’s APK can be found on APK Mirror.

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