How To Remove Spying Features From Windows 10

As you probably know, Windows 10 is configured to spy on its users. It collects what you enter on your keyboard, the websites you visit, your location. It can even monitor your personal mails , your calendars as well as your files and personal data. To fight Microsoft’s surveillance, I propose to you to install Windows Privacy Tweaker software. It will help you to disable most of these spy features easily.

If you want to disable Cortana and other unusual features from Microsoft without getting your hands in the registry, this is the software you need. This software aims to disable some features relating to automatic personal data collection by Windows. It can disable remote desktop service, some Windows diagnostic tools, updates, the ability for third party applications to access your webcam, and other features. You can also remove cookies from Windows 10 with Windows Privacy Tweaker.

Windows Privacy Tweaker is available at as a Freeware. After extracting it from its archive, the program runs as soon as it opens and does not require any installation on your machine. To help you regain control of your PC, Windows Privacy Tweaker offers four categories of settings in which you can take action with:

1. Service: Disables Windows Tracking Services.

2. Scheduled Task: Disables scheduled tasks used by tracking software.

3. Registry: Disables Windows registry entries related to tracking of USB.

4. Security: blocks writing or reading, disables removable media to combat removable media infections.

Each cookie is marked by color red or green. Like that, you will know if the cookie is active or not. With one click you can disable or reactivate. Then, you have to restart the computer to validate the changes. The software also creates a restore point in case of problems after changes. I now let you dig into Windows Privacy Tweaker, because there are plenty of things it can do that will allow you to secure and optimize Windows 10 as you fit.

Windows 10 is the most functional and secure version of Windows that has ever been released and I will advise every Windows users to upgrade to the Operating System. It is a bad thing that Windows 10 still has the probe-feature that collect data from you on daily basis. Though the data they collect may be used to improve users experience and ease of use, I still consider these probes very annoying and intrusive. So I made a search online and came about an utility software to help you safely disable them. Since it has a rollback capability you don’t have to worry about anything, if you change your mind  you can easily reset it back.

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