How to enable Developer Options on Android phone

Do you want to know how you can enable Developer Options on your Android device? The below image shows that I have it enabled on my phone.

Developer mode or rather Developer option is one of the first steps towards customizing your Android device to the fullest, learn how to activate it.

If you like the Android operating system, it is because it offers many customization possibilities. Developer mode or rather Developer option is one of the first steps towards customizing your Android device to the fullest, learn how to activate it.

First of all, be aware that as its name suggests, this developer mode is primarily for experienced people (Android advanced users), if you do not know how to use it, do not change anything as regards options that are found under Developer mode. “If you don’t know where you are going to put your foot donnot raise it at all.”

…do not take the risk of disrupting anything.

Well you are going to understand this mode well after reading this post.

Normally you won’t see the developer mode enabled, it’s hidden by default in the settings of your Android device. But it is very easy to access. If this option has been hidden, it is above all to avoid any accidental mishandling. However, you should know this: if you do not do anything or misuse the options found there, you will not disrupt your device OS and configuration.

Warning: They did not just call it Developer options, you have to know whatever changes you propose before actually doing it. Some problems can occur if misused. Also as for any tutorial of this kind, I will remind you that I will not be held responsible for any problem that may occur on your device in the case of misuse of this educational information.

How do you activate Developer Mode on an Android phone?

On most Android phones you will rather see “Developer options”.

Steps to follow:

1. Go to device Settings.

2. Then go to the About Phone section in the System Settings category.

3. Once in this section, find the part named Build Number.

4. Tap on the Build Number 4 times to activate Developer options (The number may differ depending on the ROM of the phone). A maximum of 7 taps should do on any phone. Tap more than that if you don’t get a notification that you are now a developer. As you can see in the picture below I am already a developer (theoretically).

“No need, you are already a developer”.

Learn how to enable Developer Options on your phone device easily

That makes me happy even though I am not a developer in any way… at least for now.

You can go and be called a developer only by your smartphone too.

Sorry for those rather unnecessary talks anyway.

Once you get that message, go back, Developer Options will start showing up on your settings menu.

That’s it, the Developer Options menu is now enabled .Remember that the options included in this menu are to be used with care.

Why enable Developer Mode on your phone?

I would say Developer Options enablement on your phone is a step that precedes root access on such device. In most cases you need it to be activated before you can root your Android phone, especially where USB Debugging is necessary.

Enabling Developer Mode will give you access to many practical options for developers (logically) as well as for average users, here is a non-exhaustive list of the possibilities that the Developer Mode brings:

1. Create a backup password for desktop PC.

2. Leave the device active and the screen on when charging.

3. Enable USB debugging mode.

4. Debug an application, or wait for debugger.

5. Display a visual pointer to where your finger is on the screen.

6. View GPU rendering profiles.

7. Enable strict mode, which allows the screen to blink when applications are running long operations on main thread.

8. Extend and reduce the length of animations or disable them.

9. Don’t keep activities. Delete any activity when the user leaves it.

10. View inactive applications.

11. Limit the number of processes running in the background. This is a great option because you can now view and stop all those Apps and processes that are running in the background without your knowledge.

12. Show CPU usage.

As you can see, your Android device can be modified in many ways.

I counted 40+ modifications under the Developer Options of my Android phone. Activate yours, count the options you have there and tell me.

Feel free to ask your questions in the comments box. If you change your mind and you want to disable this famous developers’ mode, maybe because you have misused an option in there and it is affecting your phone’s performance, you can still do it. Open the Developer Options menu and click on the ON and OFF drawer at the top.

Though, if you put the Developer Options off, it will not be removed from your settings menu, it will only override any changes you have made there. So that even if you put it on again it would be that no changes have ever been made there.

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