How To Delete Your Tracks From Google Easily

|If you are like me, not paranoid but simply anxious to protect your privacy, be aware that it is possible to view, delete and limit the collection of your personal data by Google|

Google is everywhere On the internet. Google sees everything, knows almost everything about you, and collects countless number of data from you. Though the information they collect is officially for your good and unofficially for theirs, we are bound to worry about the fact that they have to spy and follow us everyday. Today I want to tell you about how to view, delete and limit the collection of your personal data by the giant via your phone or computer devices.

Google is like a god…

The services offered by the American firm are used by almost all internet users. When it comes to usage of search engines, for example, over 90% of the people say they prefer Google SE. Bing (from Microsoft) and Yahoo which are also good Search Engines are used less by netizens.

With its 200+ “free” services, Google extends its tentacles in many areas. It collects and uses your personal data through its own search engine, the Android operating system, Google Chrome browser, YouTube platform, Google map services, Gmail, etc.

If these various useful services are offered free of charge, obviously, it is because the California giant collects and exploits your personal data. They collect information on purchases you made, places you visited, videos you viewed, searches you made, and everything is stored and indexed by them. Well, you accepted that Google should do all these things yourself. Did you or did you not read the general conditions of use of services before clicking on the acceptance button on Google’s various platforms and applications? Allegedly, 99.1% of individuals do not actually read those long ‘Terms and Conditions’ articles before accepting them.

What Google is doing is legal because they told you and you accepted that they should go ahead.

Your Personal Data Is Collected For Gold Prices.

The collected data are later analyzed and computed by powerful machines. The output of the analysis will then be sold at a high price to companies wishing to optimize their advertising endeavours on the internet.

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How To Easily View And Erase Everything Google Knows About You

In its truthfulness, Google always tries to prove its good reputation by demonstrating a kind of transparency. Though this regard was considered after some parts of the world, Europe for example, made it compulsory for Google to be very transparent in how they collect and use people’s personal information. What I am about to tell you was not previously made possible by Google.

Google created a page, My activity, where the it archives your activities on the web. I must commend them for this kind gesture, because through this page you can delete your data and completely stop Google from spying on you. Here is how to access it, delete the personal data they have stored, and limit their collection and spying ability.

1. Go to this Google’s page, “My Activity”

On the page you’ll find a detailed record of your activities each time you use Google’s various services and applications. Minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day, Google lists your every move.

Stop Google from tracking you

All your activities and searches on Android, Chrome, Google Maps, Google Photos, Google Maps and YouTube are analyzed. They even show you when you open an application that was not developed by them that is installed on your phone. Can you imagine that…!

How Google spy on you

2. You can also view your GPS trips here

By recording your movements via the GPS chip of your smartphone or tablet running Android, Google knows the places you visit, and the routes you take in real time.

With Google, your mobile device becomes your electronic friend, and the company will even show you the best places you should go.

3. Delete your personal data archived by Google

Now you will be able to delete some or all the personal data and limit their indexing by Google.

How Google spy on you

On “My Activity” page, select “Delete activities by” in the left menu or through the three dots at the left side, especially if you are using a smartphone. The page will open, allowing you to completely delete the history of your searches and activities from Google. To do take this action, select “All Periods” and “All Products” and then click on DELETE.

How To Limit The Collection Of Your Personal Data By Google

Thanks to this enablement, you will be able to limit the tracking of your activities by Google and its services.

This time select “Activity controls” in the menu.

A new page opens, and you see 6 items with an ON/OFF switch: Web and App Activity, Location History, Device Information, Voice and Audio Activity, YouTube Search History and History of Videos Viewed on Youtube.

Stop spying on your phone

For maximum privacy, click on all blue switches (ON) to turn them gray (OFF).

Spy your phone

A big congratulations to you, you have limited greatly your tracking by the Californian giant.  I will advise you to bookmark the “My Activity” page and visit it regularly to know if new privacy options are being added. But if you decide not to stop Google from invading your privacy by clicking on and turning all those blue buttons gray I advise that you come to the page regularly to remove new data collected by Google.

Important Note: Google do not use information collected from you to harm you. If you completely stop them from tracking and keeping records about you it might make your internet experience less enjoyable, because the information Google collects is what it uses to serve you well. Through your data, for example, Google will know the kinds of things you are interested in and be able to show you related ads and make search suggestions.

Google knows everything about you

“I deleted everything they have stored about me and stopped them from keeping further records. Do you want to do the same?”


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