How to Easily Create YouTube Channel on Mobile Phones

YouTube is the largest website for video sharing, where you can equally make money by uploading your videos. YouTube is used mainly for learning anything online. If you want to learn anything, there is no better way to do it than through videos. YouTube is very popular because many people use it to watch tutorial videos, while others are constantly uploading such videos. As you are publicizing your knowledge via video uploads you also have the option to monetize your YouTube account. So Instead of teaching for free, you can earn money from the videos. Learners may learn for free though…

In this post I will tell you how you can easily create a YouTube account on you android mobile phone and be able to upload your own videos on the platform just like others are doing. And you can think of monetizing your videos too, with the mobile YouTube channel.

Obviously not everyone has a computer or laptop, so you will learn how to do the same thing other people with computers or laptops are doing. You will not only be able to create an account after reading this post, you will learn how to create a YouTube Channel as well as how to upload videos to it with your android smart phone. Let’s take a ride!
How to create YouTube Channel on Mobile Phone
To create a YouTube channel and account from your mobile or android phone you need to have a YouTube app installed on your phone. So if you do not have a YouTube app on your mobile, you can go ahead and download and install it from Google Play Store. It is free. After the installation you have to open it.

If you open the app you will see ‘account’ at the top, where you will have to click in other to sign in/sign up. Basically if you have a Google account (Gmail account) on your mobile phone the process will be easier for you.
Once you click on Sign In, you will see a plus icon in front of the account. If you have logged in an email ID(s) in your phone, then you will also see it here. And if you want to create your YouTube channel with that email ID you can go ahead. Select the email ID and log in directly (and if you want to create a new account, then click on the Plus icon and create your new account).

After creating a new account or logging in with your Gmail account, you will come back to YouTube’s home screen.
Click on ‘My Channel,’ you will see your name here but you have to fill the name of your YouTube channel. For example if you want to use ‘Android Techs’ or ‘Great Tutorials’ as your channel name, you can just type it in there. Your channel’s name could be a simple or customized name. It could be anything, but make sure your name is good.
After that, click on the ‘Create Channel’ button below it.

Now you have to do your channel settings. Click the settings icon.
You have to set a logo and cover photo for your channel. It is very important to consider these two things, because if you do not have a logo or cover photo on your YouTube channel, it will not be professional.
You have to give a description of your YouTube channel. This is where you will write a short note about your channel. Keep it short. Example: This channel will provide you with all tutorials that will help you to be an expert in WordPress and blogging. You are sure going to like my tutorials.

You will note about which topic your YouTube channel is related to, and you will have to put videos that are related to your specified category. It is very important to take all these into consideration.
After filling in all this information, your YouTube channel will be ready.

Congratulations, you can now start uploading videos to your channel. You can use a video editor to edit the video from your mobile. Look for good android apps that can be used to edit videos. That will help you to have better videos on your channel. You can write texts on your videos too, to act as ‘watermark’ and protect your videos from copycats.

How to Upload Videos to Your Channel

Uploading videos from mobile phones to YouTube is pretty easy and you can do it by simply clicking on the upload icon given at the top of your channel’s home.

Once you click on the icon you will see all the videos from your phone showing, then you have to make a selection. After that you need to do some few things before you can actually complete the upload.

Title: Enter the name of your video. Make it short and include keywords.

Description: Tell the world about your video. Briefly express what is said in the video, how special it is. Say all the nicest things in the world. Some people also like transcribing the video and putting the text as the description. That makes it easier for your video to have better optimization and be searchable (SEO). This is because you are going to include some good keywords on the description.

Privacy: If you publicize the video it will be visible to everyone. If you do private, only you will see it. Of course you are going to choose ‘public.’

After filling in the full information, click on the Upload icon. Your video will be uploaded once you click on the icon.
So I have told you about a way you will use to create a YouTube channel with your mobile phone. Remember you can create multiple channels too. You have any question or suggestions, comment below

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