Hide a file or folder on your Android phone without any application

Do you want to hide your private folders on your Smartphone? I recently discovered a very nice tip that will allow you to hide any file or folder on your Android device without any application. Just add a dot before the name of the file or folder. Hey, I just told you everything already!

I will not say anything more! Follow the steps described on this mini tutorial.

Trick to hide files/folders on Android devices

Open the file manager, if you have not installed it yet I advise you to install File Manager from Google Play. In this tutorial we will try to hide a folder named “Bluetooth“, on my phone.

To do this you must first select it. Press and hold the folder for a long time to select it.

How to easily hide file on phone

Once the folder is selected, open the menu at the top or down and press “Rename”.

Add a dot (.) at the beginning of the folder or file name and click the “OK” button.

Hide a folder on Android phone

The file will be hidden! Do you want to display it? Read more…

The “hidden” folder¬† is now considered as a system folder, same thing with the system files that were there before. If you have ever tried to open a system file or folder in the past you would understand that it name starts with a period, so they are hidden by default to prevent their deletion by mistake. To re-display your “hidden” folders and files,¬† go to the Settings menu of your file manager application and uncheck “Hide system files”. Alternatively you can go to that particular folder and rename it again, removing the dot before the name.

Show system files

There you go! You now know how to hide a folder/file on your Smartphone or Android tablet. Feel free to share this tip with your loved ones.

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