What Google Knows About You

Everyday we give a lot of information to Google without knowing it. Who we are, what we like, where we go to, what we do and how we do it…

Google may not be the center of the world, but it is surely the center of the internet. Yes Google ‘rules’ the global world. The web giant stores all kinds of information on every user who crosses its path. It thus benefits by using this data to better target its advertising endeavours.

In this post, you’ll find out what Google knows about you. And what they use in following you.

Google knows where you are going and places you visit.

Based on your research, Google is able to know your movements. And if you are one of those who use geolocational services on their smartphone, it’s even easier for them to track you. Google has the ability to locate your phone using a synchronization process.

Google knows your interests and the websites you visit.

Through your research on the various services and tools of the company, Google can save the terms and keywords you use to compute data for global trends.

For those who use Chrome browser, for example, Google knows all the sites and pages you visit including the forms you fill out. A good way to keep your profile information, for doing what they know how to do best. When For every website you visit, a request is sent to Google’s DNS server, and this information contains the name of the site you are interested in on daily basis.

If you love privacy much you should also be wary of Google mail (Gmail) service. Google’s robots can scan the content of your emails on Gmail to discover:

.The identity of your contacts

.Your topics of discussion as well as the frequency with which you communicate.

.What you say publicly on any social network or forum can also be indexed by Google.

However you have to know that it is possible to view, delete and limit the collection of your personal data by Google. Read this tutorial to learn how to delete your personal data collected by Google.

What good can all this information do?

You do not have to be a genius to know that the information collected by the web giant can also be used to serve you. The most obvious reason why Google is interested in your private information is to sell targeted advertisement to you.

If Google learns, for example, that you and your friends love reading online books, you will then regularly be shown places where you can read more books.

By knowing what interests you and what you do, Google is able to determine which technologies and services have the most future, and can develop and market them.

“Nothing is ever really free on the internet.”

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