How to download Facebook videos directly from Facebook

How to download a video from Facebook… Often I see people craving to have a particular video they have watched on Facebook downloaded to their Smartphone and computer.

You can’t download videos from and it’s application

People practically beg for people to send them videos that have been uploaded on the platform. I do see them comment on a video post with their WhatsApp numbers, asking for the uploader or people who have the video to send it to them. And some of the requesters would end up being disappointed.

Everyday they post those awesome videos, movie clips, after going through them, you could only wish you were able to get them on your phone too.

If you like a video shared by one of your friends on Facebook, but do not know how to download and keep it on your computer or phone, this post will do you good.

I am going to show you a simple trick you can use and download videos from the network without cluttering your device with unnecessary software.

There are many software applications and online tools which offer to download Facebook videos that we want to keep offline. But the problem with these applications is that they take longer processes and sometimes do not even work. They make our RAM limited too.

Undeniably videos are becoming more and more popular on Facebook. And you must have found interesting videos there and wanted to download it, but was restricted. Videos are very important on social networks because they make users experience better.

However, it is unfortunate that there is no functionality to help you download videos directly with your Facebook application. I don’t even think Mark is going to give us that functionality someday.

…but it is not that this process is impossible. You’ve not discovered it yet?

An alternative to downloading the video?

Instead of giving us that functionality, the social media offers the possibility to save videos so that you can find it easily at any time. This will be kept in the “Save” tab. I think it’s going to remain like this for a very long time.

Each time you click on the video, it will be loaded again so that you can play it back. This is not as convenient as a local download on the hard disk or on the memory of a smartphone.

And if you are like me, you would prefer to have videos that catch your interest downloaded to your device so that you can easily make references to them anytime you want to. If they are saved online, what happens when you want to show them to your friends but do not have internet data?

Let’s show you how you can download videos from Facebook via computer and smartphone…

How to download a Facebook video on mobile directly?

The first thing to do is to copy the url address of the video. To do this, click on the dots at the top right of the publication and click on “copy link” in the menu that opens.

you must have found interesting videos there and wanted to download it, but was restricted. Videos are very important on social networks because they make users experience better.

Then go to a mobile browser (Chrome, Firefox or opera mini, for example).

Paste the URL and change the ‘www’ part of the address to “mbasic“, and load.

Example, say video url is

Change it to

Start playback. Then make a long press on the screen. A menu will be displayed, click on “Download link” or “Save link…” and the video will start downloading immediately.

This is how to easily download a video from Facebook

Note: If the window redirects you to a tab with this kind of url,…, that’s even better. Just press on the screen and you’ll see a download button appear.

Showing you how to download videos from Facebook

Tip: As you are logged on Facebook using its mobile application, also log into your account through your normal browser (Chrome, Firefox, any one you use), so that the video downloading process will be easier for you. Because when you copy the URL of the video and paste on your browser, you will be asked to log in with your Facebook account details before you can get to the video.

In case you didn’t know, mbasic Facebook (Mobile Basic Facebook) is a web and lite version of Facebook that allows you to do almost everything you can do with it’s other versions. Mbasic Facebook also allows you to view, receive and send chat messages to your friends without redirecting you to Facebook messenger. That’s why many people love it, in fact I have seen online where people confess to using it alone. Though it might not be good for business Facebook-ers.

Let’s leave mbasic Facebook discussion for another day.,, and https// are related and are mobile versions of Facebook. Did you know?

How to download a Facebook video on a computer without third-party software?

Although there are extensions to do this on most computer browsers, you can download a PC-based Facebook video using a similar method as above. It’s quick and easy.

Just get the URL of the video…

To copy the URL of the video on your computer, right-click on it (the video) and click on “Show video URL“.

How to download Facebook videos directly from Facebook

A small window opens with the address inside.

After copying the URL, open the mobile version of Facebook on your computer, in a new tab, preferably: replace  with

How to download a Facebook video on a computer without third-party software

The “mbasic” at the beginning of the URL will open the mobile version of the page, which is essential to download the video.

Start playing the video and then right-click > Save video as.

How to download a Facebook video on mobile directly

Then simply choose a location and press the “save” button.

Whether you are on a PC or mobile, you can alternatively go to sites like after copying the URL of the video. These platforms allow you to download videos from a variety of sites, including YouTube and Facebook.

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