What Are The Differences Between HTML And CSS?

HTML and CSS are the main programming languages used to create websites. There are many ways in which you can create a web page, but none or most of those options are not proper when creating a professional website. We are not going to be talking about programs that are used in coding these languages yet. That is not our interest for now.

HTML is The Main Language

HTML is a language USED to create a web page and also the simplest. It is a totally descriptive language in which we tell the navigator (interpreter) what to show on the page step by step.
Within an HTML page you can write code in JavaScript, php, encapsulated css, flash player, and technologies (extensions) such as jquery for example. Each of these can be used to turn a web page into what we want. Like I said before, HTML language is descriptive and therefore static, so if we want a web page that shows the latest articles we offer in the store, we will need to use other languages since html does not process databases, it can only show informative pages that will be displayed to all users.

CSS is the Perfect Complement

CSS styles are used in customizing HTML and PHP pages. CSS is a style programming language, it helps to shape a webpage by customizing fonts, backgrounds, colors, margins, positioning of objects, etc … and completely essential because the web page does not look like a text typed on ordinary machine.

…We will not stretch ourselves here by explaining differences between HTML and CSS versions because none of them on its own meets all the possibilities offered by the combination of them and I recommend you read a bit about obsolete labels of old HTML versions to know if you would want to use them or not. This language is always updated and new versions are designed in other to meet the demands and requirements of the multiple internet users all over the world under directives of W3C. W3C is an organization responsible for designing and maintaining HTML language.

If the only thing we need is a homepage that shows a menu with the services of a company, a page about who we are and a contact form, the HTML and a little CSS will alone perfectly meet the objectives and you can learn to use them on the internet.

Cascading Style Sheets or CSS is a language used to define and create the presentation of a structured document written in HTML or XML. With it you can easily work on your site creation. The idea behind CSS development is to separate the structure of a document from its presentation. This means that with CSS it is very easy to change the appearance of a web page.

For this reason it is the language primarily used by browsers’ web of internet and developers to choose multiple display options such as colors, font types and sizes, among others.

CSS is an extremely intuitive and simple language once it is learned, since its definition always uses an HTML tag identifier and then indicates how the tags appearing in a document is to be displayed.

HTML is just a markup language for the development of web pages in its different versions. It defines a basic structure and a code (the HTML code) for the definition of content of a web page, such as text, images and videos, among others. It is the standard that has been imposed on the display of websites and is the one that all current browsers have adopted.

It is based on differentiation, to add an external element to the page, which is not directly attached to the code of the page, but a reference is made to the location of that element through text. In this way, the web page contains only text while the interpretation of the code, that is, the task of joining all the elements and visualizing the final page, falls directly on the web browser. Being a standard, HTML seeks to be a language that allows any web page written in a certain version, can be interpreted in the same way by any updated web browser .

However, throughout its different versions, various features have been incorporated and suppressed, in order to make it more efficient and facilitate the development of web pages compatible with different browsers and platforms.

Clear Differences between HTML and CSS
HTML is the brand language with which most web pages are made. CSS files summarize some graphic features of web pages to avoid the redundancy of always being declared visual attributes.

HTML is a very simple language used to create web pages, in and of itself it does not include instructions to access the database or flow control.

On the other hand, CSS is indicated to present formatted information, that is, it contributes styles to what is wanted to be displayed.

CSS is also a very simple language and is directly related to HTML in the sense that HTML gives the position to the objects and CSS the style.

There are two ways to write CSS within HTML: within the same tag or HTML tag (embedded CSS) and placing everything referring to styles within a file with .css extension, to then include this file inside the HTML page.

Hope you are able to understand something after reading this (lay-man’s) explanation about HTML and CSS. If you are interested in learning these two important coding languages just like me, you can visit websites such as W3schools and Shayhowe.

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