Codes to Reset Samsung Smartphones Without Loosing Data

This codes allow you to restore Samsung mobile phones to the factory settings without deleting any data stored on your smartphone. They only works on Samsung devices and if it is used on mobile phones of any other brand it will not give anything.

At the moment, there are three Samsung reset codes:

1. *2767*2878# for new models of Samsung phones

2. *#7728# for older models of Samsung phones.

3. *2767*3855# for newer models (Monte, Omnia, etc.)

How to use these Samsung reset codes?

The process for using these reset codes on Samsung mobile phones is quite simple.

All you need to do is:

1. Turn on your Samsung smartphone.

2. From your keyboard dial one of these Samsung reset codes as if you wanted to make a call.

Normally, the reset process initializes as soon as you type the last character of the reset code. If it does not, you can press the call button to initiate a ‘soft’ reset of your Samsung smartphone.

DISCLAIMER: this tutorial involves risks, will not be held responsible for any problems encountered. As far as the process explained here seems to be true, I will still advise you backup your phone data before you think of doing this.

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