Clash Of Clans Alternatives, Best Strategic Games For Android

Here in this article you will find the best alternatives to the Clash of Clans game, as these games are almost identical, but they just provide a different environment. Clash of Clans is the best and most popular strategic games for Android ond other OSs and is therefore the most popular game known to date. You can play this game on any platform or system, because this game is available on almost all operating systems of smartphones and even on the computer. For those who simply do not want to play this game because they do not want to follow the passion of the crowd and simply want to have the same type of game to experience something different, they are in the right place. It is about alternative games for Clash of Clans.

Best strategy games for Android.

Here are the 10 best strategic games for Android, like Clash of Clans that you can have fun with.

If you don’t play games much on your device, you may want to recommend this list to your friends who do. Your friends will be happy you did.

1. Clash of Kings

The is the best multiplayer game that you can play online. This game allows you to compete with other players online to make you gain ground. In this game, you must develop real-time strategies to defeat other players side by side and protect yourself from others enemies. The graphics you get in this game are fabulous and the experience you will get through this game can not be measured. It is a lovely game.

2. Clash Royale

Clash Royale
Price: Free+

Royal Clash is not a new game. However, this game is very addictive like Clash of Clans. Almost all the characters in this game are similar to Clash Of Clans. The best thing about Clash Royale is that it is developed by the same app editor as Clash Of Clan – Supercell.

3. Clash Of Lords 2

Clash Of Lords 2 is one of the best and most rated strategy games for Android on Google Play Store. The game is somewhat similar to Clash of Clans, but the game is relatively easy. Everything in Clash Of Lords 2 remains the same as that of Clash of Clan, but the gameplay is simple and very easy. The game keeps you engaged in exciting battles from the start.

4.World at Arms

World at Arms
Price: Free+

In this game, you must build your army, plan your attack and deploy your forces for a modern and complete war game that goes round the world, from the deepest oceans to the heavens!

5. Star Wars: Commander

In this game, you only lead a group of troops that you can use to protect others or harm others. This game is very similar to Clash of Clans and the style and view of the game are also very similar. In this game, you just have to decide when to protect others and who you want to hurt to reach your destination.

6. Boom Beach

Boom Beach
Price: Free+

This is one of the games that are considered among the best strategy games for Android. It is also created by the developers of Clash of Clans. This game is almost identical to Clash of Clans, but you will find it more interesting than Clash of Clans. This game offers a much higher quality and you can also create large structures, weapons and forts. You can control your troops as in Clash of Clans. Overall, this game is the same type but offers a few more features and also provides great graphics.

Boom Beach, alternative to Clash of Clans

7. Castle Clash

In this game you can join your friends to expand your base, then train different soldiers that you will need to protect your base from enemies. You must strengthen your forces and capture the other bases to build a great empire. This game is very similar to Clash of Clans, but the joy you can feel with this game is much better.

8. Call of Duty: Heroes

Call of Duty®: Heroes
Price: Free+

This game is also among the best strategy games for Android. It involves using heavy weapons to protect your base. This game is full of heavy explosions, great fights with enemies and great weapons. You can also join with others to make your army larger so you can kill your enemies and protect your base. This game is very similar to Clash of Clans and you will really enjoy this game on your device.

9. Civilization Revolution 2

Civilization Revolution 2 is another best strategy game you would like without a doubt. In the game, you have to create your empire that will stand the test of time. The gameplay is very easy and addictive and it offers a whole new 3D presentation and a more tactical depth.

10. Viking Wars

Vikings: War of Clans
Price: Free+

What if you had to live in the jungle with your own tribe and follow the rules of the jungle to survive? Here, in this game, the experience is the same as the one you can imagine if you are in the jungle and you have to survive with different rules to get your resources. In this game, you only need to attack other tribes for resources and, on the other hand, you must protect your tribe from others. You can add your friends who are also playing this game to your tribe, which will also make your group larger. You will also earn resources as rewards in the app.

After downloading the games from the list above, you will find out that they are also very interesting. These games will make you forget Clash of Clans and will entertain you well. If you are someone who wants to enjoy something different from Clash of Clans, then grab one of the games listed above and start playing.

Did you find your best strategy game(s) from  this list  of top games for Android, and alternative for Clash of Clans? Share your discovery and thought in the comment box below.

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