Change font of an Android phone easily without rooting

How to change the font of your Android device, with and without root access.

Here’s how to change the font of your Android device, the operating system which allows a high level of customization.

Depending on the overlays installed by third-party manufacturers, customization may be different. I will explain how to do it on rooted and non-rooted Android phones.

If for some reasons you want to change the default font on your device because it does not suit you, it is fortunately possible. Android makes it possible for you to modify and change all kinds of things and the font is part of it.

But it is not necessarily simple and it may require you to think well before you can do it. Let’s start with a method that does not require rooting the device.

Method 1: Change the font of your phone device without rooting

Through phone settings.

Awesomely, some Android device overlays allow simple and fast font change. This is particularly the case of Samsung, LG and HTC products. Some others too…

Unfortunately, not all Android phone manufacturers consider this ‘change font” feature on there products by default. It has only been confirmed on Samsung, LG and HTC Android mobile devices. Tecno, Infinix, Itel, etc. have not considered this to be a very interesting customization that their consumers would like. Even if they do consider it, they never added it to their common features.

Maybe it is about time we told them we are tired of the simple and commonly seen Roboto font on our mobile phone. It will be great if we all can experience stylish texts on our smartphones.

To change the font of your phone (Samsung, HTC, LG) directly, just go to “Settings”,  “Display” and press “Font” or “Font Style”. You will see a list of awesome fonts that have already been installed for you. There equally allows you to change the font size.

With this method the change will happen immediately without you having to restart the device.

The selected font style and size will however reflect across all services and operations on the phone’s interface:

icons, menus, search bars, and texts will all be affected by the change.

Some Samsung phones also let you to add more font styles by downloading from Google Play Store and installing them on your phone.

If you have any of the devices above, you are lucky in this aspect. Go now, select the font that suits you, or get other fonts online,  you will find many on Play Store.

Method 2: Change font style on your device using an alternative launcher

You can also get an alternative launcher that offers this kind of modification simply. Go Launcher is a perfect example. The changes will only be taken into account in the launcher though, and unfortunately does not affect the entire OS, such as settings menus for example.

But it will still give you a nice feel…


Get Go Launcher.

Copy your TTF fonts files to your smartphone.

In “tools”, go to “preferences”. 

Thengo to “font”.

Finally, select the font you want by pressing “select font” and save.

All changes are then immediately supported, no need to restart your smartphone.

It is also possible to download other applications that offer more choice in terms of font. If this alternative is particularly good for you because it requires no complex manipulation, you can go for it.

Even though it does not apply to the entire Android system…

Luckily for you, there are other methods that I am going to discuss with you about changing phone font in this tutorial that will offer more flexibility in terms of customization.

Method 3: Change phone font using font Apps:

Without rooting, with IFont

Change device font on Samsung, Xiaomi, Meizu, Huawei devices without rooting them.

This application allows you to change the font of your smartphone, it works without root for smartphones like Samsung, Xiaomi, Meizu and Huawei. For others your phone has to be rooted… but we’ll discuss that later (on this post).

First, download the application.

Once the application is downloaded, open it and walk through the application to see your preferred font. Click on it and then download.

After install it on your device.

On Samsung, for example, the application will ask you to install the font as an application. If you have not yet authorized unknown sources installation, it’s time to do so. Once the installation is done, go back to the settings and you will see your new font. It will also apply to your services and operations.

You can also copy TTF (True Type Font) files from your PC to the sdcard/ifont/custom folder. Any font copied to that directory will appear in the ifont Custom tab. However, to be able to install and use these additional fonts, you will need to have a rooted device.

With rooting, with Ifont and others

If you do not have the option in your settings, you will have to root your smartphone, you are taught there how to do it . After that several applications will allow you to change the font of your Android smartphone, we will share with you 4 of the best applications for it.

STRONG NOTE: to actually install and modify the fonts of most Android phones, they must be rooted. However, you need to be told that this kind of manipulation is not without risk and techsfreak will not be responsible for any problem that may occur as a result of this tutorial.


Let’s start with the one already mentioned above.

IFont is probably the most complete and the best (or let’s say one of the best) applications used to change a phone’s font. The procedure to follow is about the same as described above:

Download Ifont.

Tap the font of your choice.

Press the Download button.

Press Set.

If you have a request to set the mode to System Mode , press OK.

Your device will restart before applying the new font.

If you want to use a font that you have downloaded to your smartphone, do these:

Press the “MY” tab Then go to “My Font”

Look for your TTF font files, then install the one you choose.

Here you have thousands of options at your disposal for font personalization on your Smartphone. You can download and add many TTF files as you want from the internet. Your momentary font desire will be met with this feature, since you can always switch between the fonts available in the app and the ones you got elsewhere.


HiFont do not necessarily need your phone to be rooted, but if you want to enjoy the application greatly you will have to ‘jailbreak’ your smartphone. That will allow this font App to work well and give you all the features it has.

Actually the way Hifont works when your phone is not rooted is through an alternative launcher. Applications like Go Launcher and Solo Launcher can help you achieve this and it has been stated on the app’s FAQ page. It allows you to add a Hifont font to your device via the launcher’s process. Refer to method 2 of this tutorial.

HiFont is very popular on Google Play Store, it contains the highestt number of fonts. But it also comes with many ads… and unlike iFont, no paid version to remove the ads.


Download and open HiFont.

Choose the font of your choice.

Press the Download button.

Tap  Use.

The application will automatically choose the best way to install the font. Your device will restart to apply the new font.


FontFix is also ​​one of the best applications to change the font of your Android device that allows the user to change the font style easily. With the help of this application, the user can easily install additional fonts on his or her device and make switches.

FontFixis ​​convenient in the sense that it allows you to quickly visualize what the font will give.

FontFix (Free)
Price: Free+

To install a font, open the application and scroll or search for the one you want and click on it.

Then click “install” and, afterwards, let the app restart your smartphone to effect the changes.

To manually install a font, on the main page, tap the plus sign and search for a font in your device folders.


Stylish Fonts

Stylish Fonts
Price: Free

Stylish fonts gives you an elegant look to your fonts, making your smartphone better and more attractive. There is a wide range of fonts available, you can easily choose one of them and easily set a new font style for free. It also has an instant preview option through which you can view your font before setting your phone to use it.


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it will allow you to enjoy fonts to your liking. If you encounter problems during the customization, do not hesitate to let me know in the comment box. If you have a particular question you can equally ask.

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