Brussels Imposes a Record Fine of 4.343 Billion Euros on Google

I think these people are being hard on Google, or what do you want to say?

This is the largest financial sanction ever executed by the European Commission. The European Commissioner for Competition, Margrethe Vestager, says that rivals have been denied the possibility of innovating and competing “for their merits”

The European Commission (EC) imposed a fine of 4.343 billion Euros some days ago on Google. According to them, Google makes illegal practices with its Android mobile operating system to strengthen the domination of its search engine. As known, no community regulator has ever made a sanction as high as this on any company in the world. “Google has put unlawful restrictions on Android device manufacturers and mobile network operators to consolidate their domain position in internet searches,” said the community executive in a statement.

This sanction adds to the fine of 2.424 billion Euros that the EU executive imposed on the US giant in June 2017 due to abuse of domain by favoring its search comparison service, the search engine. Until 3 days ago that was the highest sanction imposed by Brussels on a single company.

European Commissioner for Competition, Margrethe Vestager, said that Google imposed three types of unlawful restrictions to ensure that the traffic of Android devices goes to the search engine¬†of the company, which, in the opinion of Brussels, “has denied the rivals the possibility of innovating and competing for their merits,” and to consumers the benefits of such competition. Specifically, Brussels claims that Google demanded that manufacturers pre-install their search services (Google Search) and their browser (Chrome) as a condition for granting them a license to use their App Store (Play Store).

In addition, he added, they (Google) made certain payments made to large manufacturers and mobile network operators on the condition that they installed their search engine by default, while preventing them from selling smart phones that had alternative versions of Android not approved by Google.

The Commission’s investigation, which began in April 2015 and one year later, on April 20, 2016, led him to formally accuse the company, concluded that these practices are part of a strategy “of Google to consolidate its dominant position and violate the European competition rules. The decision of the Commission requires the US giant “to end his illegal conduct effectively in 90 days” after the decision. “At least Google must stop and not reinstate in any of these three types of practices (…) and also abstain from any measure that has a similar or equivalent purpose,” says the EC.

Brussels recalled that Google is developing the operating system and granting Android usage licenses, which is used in 80% of smart phones in Europe and the world. He further indicated that the research has concluded that the search engine dominates the market for general search services on the Internet in the European Economic Area, and in the world (except in China).

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