28 Awesome Blogging Tips and Tricks for a Successful Blog

Let us talk about (list) some tips or tricks you can use on your blog in other to have a better experience. Though this post may not be detailed as you may have expected, it is sure going to tell you something.

1. Choose your blog topic carefully. Take the help of magazine, newspaper, social media channels to get the trending topics.

2. Do keyword research before writing the blog. Try to take long and medium tail keywords into your writing.

3. Your articles should not be too long. Many hate reading articles that will take them so much time to finish. Go straight to the point when writing your blog articles.

4. Your blog title is like a door. It should be clear, short, and attractive. A compelling, intriguing title increases the click-through rate of your blog post.

5. Choose the TITLE of what you are writing according to readers’ searches and the problems they are facing. Help to solve the problems of your readers. Show that you are doing that via the title of the article.

6. Make sure your blog headlines are relevant to search engines recommendations and users can get accurate information about the topic on your blog.

7. Find a good way to monetize your blog. If you are getting some money from your website it will motivate you to keep doing the good work.

8. Use the power of words, great and amazing words will make people to read your blog.

9. Also use blog title generator tools for finding blog or article ideas. Check online for such tools, they are free.

10. Create your article titles in such a way that they will entice your readers immediately and be forced to read your blog.

11. Be dedicated to your blog, and do not think about creating another blog without considering whether you can manage them both.

12. Consider using a format that someone used to write an article you know people love, without copying that person’s work.

13. Have an error free blog. Take the help of Grammarly editor to check for grammatical or typographical errors before publishing your article.

14. Try to implement your personal stories or experiences in your blog post. I do that when necessary and you should think about doing it too.

15. Make references, show examples and case studies when necessary.

16. Avoid fraudulent use of blog contents and images. Use at least 2 pictures on each blog post, but they should be images that you own right of use.

17. Always attach a picture at the beginning of your articles and also add nice looking featured images. They will attract readers.

18. You blog content should have mental connection with the average readers.

19. Make a research before you write and try to write what you know and are sure about.

20. Get blog ideals from Yahoo, MSN, Rediff, Google Trends, etc.

21. It is important to promote your blog, using various Internet marketing strategies. Do email marketing, social media marketing and tell your friends to tell their friends about your blog.

22. Write and post at least once every week. That will keep your blog lively.

23. Device a way to collect e-mail addresses of your readers to enable you send them newsletters in the future.

24. Place keywords on relevant places of your article. That will improve authority ranking.

25. Build a good relationship with your audience and also give them free gifts.

26. Create a Google plus or Facebook page and add on your blog’s side bar. It will help you to get more followers. You can also create both.

27. Interlink your website using different blog post.

28. Use different techniques to increase your blog traffic.

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