Beware, Google Spies on Your Location Even if the History is Off, Android or iPhone

Whether you are an Android or iPhone user, nothing changes: Google spies on your location every time you put your phone and data on. A press survey revealed that Google collects information about location even when the location history is disabled by the user.  Normally, it is possible to delete it (location history), but everything is done to make the procedure unnecessarily complex. A way for Google to boost its advertising revenue, even if it irritates you.

Whether you like it or not, whether you’re using an Android smartphone or iOS, Google follows you . And it is very difficult to get off this monitoring – except you decide to completely uninstall all applications from Google. Anyway we all know this is almost impossible, since most of the favorite applications we use are from Google house. Think about Play store and all other awesome Apps that they have built for us.

Researchers at Princeton University in partnership with Associated Press (AP) made an investigation on this aspect. Their discovery was that some of the Google applications and services on all their platforms store location data even when you’ve explicitly turned off location history.

The researchers explained:

“When paused, [the setting] prevents activity on the device from being saved to your account. But when you leave activities on the Web and Apps enabled while disabling Location History, it just stops Google from adding your moves in the Timeline. This however does not stop Google’s collection of other location markers. “

And the researchers continued:

“For example, Google stores a snapshot of where you were when you only opened the Google Maps app. Weather updates on Android smartphones roughly show where you are. And some non-location-based searches, like ‘chocolate cakes’ or ‘science kits for kids,’ give accurate latitude and longitude – less than 10cm2 – before it is saved to your Google Account.”

For its part, Google defends itself from trying to confuse users to let them save localization data:

“Google can use location data in many different ways to improve the user experience. includes: Location History, Web Activity, and through Location Services at the smartphone level. We provide a clear description of these tools, and robust controls so that people can turn off their logs at any time.”

Google uses location data as well as other information to segment its users more finely, to sell the most targeted advertising possible. However, researchers blame Google for misleading users, suggesting that disabling location history completely should disable localization data collection.

What do you think of this collection? Share your opinion in the comments.

My own thought is very simple: if you own an Android phone or iPhone, you cannot turn off your location completely. You can only limit it. I think we are in big trouble

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