Computer virus: Best ways to remove viruses from your Windows computer?

Despite all your vigilance, it happens that viruses can penetrate your computer.

What happens when your computer has been infected with viruses?

Advertising pop-ups that appear randomly, programs that read the contents of your hard drive to send it out to hackers servers and your computer becomes too slow and hangs most of the time.

To deal with these threats, I will share with you three very effective ways to protect and remove all viruses and infections permanently from your computer.

Different types of malicious software

Seemingly, everyone knows about viruses and spyware. But what about rootkits, wabbit, and rogues?

You should know that there are many malware and many computer infections fall into several categories.

Here is a brief introduction to different kinds of malware.

Trojan and Backdoor

These programs have only one purpose: the remote control of a computer (over the Internet) in a hidden way.


A spyware is a malware that installs on a computer for the purpose of collecting and transferring information from the infected computer. There are two main families: Adware and Keyloggers.

The computer virus

The term “virus” is almost always used to describe all types of Malware.

Specifically, a virus-like malware is a program that aims to self-reproduce by infecting other programs.

The wabbit

Wabbit is a computer program written for the sole purpose of self-replication indefinitely. Unlike the virus, it does not infect programs or documents.


Once executed on your computer, it will download another programs, usually much more aggressive, like a trojan or Rootkit.

The rootkit

The rootkit is a set of software that generally allows you to get root rights on a machine, installs a backdoor, and erase the traces left by the operation in the Log files.


Software pretending to be a free antivirus, and stating that the PC is severely infected. It proposes to disinfect it in order to make you download fake anti-viruses, with which it can use to manipulate your computer.

How to clean and remove viruses from your computer

Restoring the System at a Command Prompt

This procedure consists of initiating a system restore at a command prompt. Restoring the system brings back an image or form of the previous system, you do not lose any data. It allows you to undo changes made to your computer, such as software updates or virus installations, that may cause your computer to not work properly.

To get started, you need to start your computer in administrator mode.

After launching the command prompt, click Start > Run and type cmd.

Then enter the following commands validating by the Enter key.

cd %windir%

cd system32

cd restore


Restoring the System at a Command Prompt, remove viruses through cmd

Using a Software Suite

In this step, we will at first download some software that allows us to clean a computer infected with viruses. All these applications are free and remove all parasitic viruses that have been installed on your PC.

As far as possible and for greater efficiency, you should follow the procedures as regards each utility without interruption. Feel free to run the scan all night if it takes time.

AdwCleaner: It can detect and remove unwanted software such as Adware, toolbar, PUP/LPI (potentially unwanted programs) and hijacker.

Start by downloading AdwCleaner.

# Click on the Scan button when it launches.

# Click the Delete button to delete the detected viruses when scan is complete.

RogueKiller: It detects, neutralizes, and eliminates the toughest rogues and is able to remove most viruses if not all from your system.

RogueKiller detects, neutralizes, and eliminates the toughest rogues and is able to remove most viruses if not all from your system.

# Download RogueKiller from this Link.

# Start the program and let the Pre-scan to finish.

# Click the Scan button to unblock the Delete button.

# Click the Remove button to remove all viruses.

Combofix  removes unknown trojans/backdoor and rootkits from your computer.

# Download combofix from this link: ComboFix download.

# Double-click on the ComboFix icon on the desktop.

# ComboFix will install on your computer.

# When this installation is complete, a blue background screen will appear, like in the image below.

Combofix   removes known trojans/backdoor and rootkits.

# ComboFix will automatically try to create a System Restore point, and will start scanning your computer for unknown infections. This procedure may take a while, be patient.

For detailed information on how to use Combofix, please, browse Google or wait till the tutorial is available here.

Live CD Disinfection Kaspersky Rescue disk

Kaspersky Rescue disk is a bootable CD specially designed to allow you to remove viruses that can not be removed.

The solution is to simply burn the ISO image to a CD and start it to run an in-depth scan of your system without loading Windows. Kaspersky Rescue Disk removes all detected viruses.

1. To start, download the ISO image of the Kaspersky Rescue Disk.

2. Once you have downloaded the ISO image, simply burn it to a CD or install it on a USB stick.

3. Insert the CD or stick and boot your computer from the it.

4. Select a language from the languages available for Kaspersky Rescue Disk using the arrows and then click “Enter”.

5. Select “Kaspersky Rescue Disk. Graphic Mode” and press the “Enter” key.

Kaspersky Rescue disk is a bootable CD specially designed to allow you to remove viruses that can not be removed.

6. Wait while it is loading, you should find yourself in a screen that will allow you to continue the process.

8. Go to the “Object Scan” tab, select the disks to be scanned in addition to boot sectors and bootable hidden objects and click on “Analyze objects”.

9. All you have to do is wait for the analysis.

10. Finally, when the scan and disinfection is complete, you can get a report that you can export to your drive.


Computer infections can be caused by a program you have installed that turns out to be a trap, a malicious link sent by a friend who seemed to be trusted, not to mention cracked and hacked software that are real nests of infection.

Prevention is better than cure. So stay alert and be careful with the cracks, warez sites, porn sites and Peer to Peers sites you visit. Viruses often come from such websites to your computer.

Do not open mail attachments unless you are absolutely sure they are safe.

During the installation of a software, do not click on the “Next” button that you are always faced with without reading what is marked and what is ticked.

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