If it does you are likely going to feel helpless and almost want to hit your computer. One of my friends once did something worse; his laptop kept hanging when he wanted to research on an important school assignment and he angrily hit his computer so hard that it developed another internal fault. But don’t worry; you are not going to do the same if yours hangs on you. Fixing a laptop that hangs when connected on the internet is very simple. You just have to read this post to the end to understand the trick.

MY LITTLE STORY (Skip this if you are too impatient for the main thing)
I once had an average laptop system which had a low RAM size of 1 gig. Ordinarily if you have a laptop with low RAM you can think of upgrading the RAM size if you’ve got money for it, but mine was an old system and the RAM could not be upgraded. There was no room for inserting another RAM. I felt sad when I discovered this and didn’t know what to do because I didn’t have enough money to buy a new laptop then.
This was the bad experience I had with the laptop. I could use it to do anything once it was offline. But whenever I plug my modem and try to browse the internet, it would hang on me. It was so bad that sometimes when I have some work to do on the internet, I would end up not doing it because of the problem. The hanging process used to be on and off and a work that would normally take me not more than 10 minutes to complete, would linger for about 30 or more minutes or end up not being done. That experience alone pushed me to learn hard about hanging computers and I found the solution, which I want to share with you on this post.
NOTE: the laptop did not start hanging at the very beginning (when it was newly bought), because the person that used it before me used to browse the web comfortably. It developed that problem because the low sized RAM had become weak. Of course a computer RAM can become weak as time passes.

I can only talk about these two things that I know can cause this problem for now. They are low RAM availability and bad LAN drivers.


In my very own experience, the amount of RAM available on your laptop can cause it to hang (when connected to the internet) if there is huge competition between applications and services on your RAM. Do you know that your laptop does much data processing when it is being used to browse? The percentage of the CPU usage goes higher when you are browsing because of the work load. Your browser downloads all sorts of data from those websites you are visiting.
We are fund of opening many tabs at a time when on the internet too, while thinking that it doesn’t have any negative effect. This is not advisable, especially if your computer RAM is not much. You should always consider the specs of your laptop before doing anything with it. The kind of browser we are using also matters. Google Chrome for examples becomes very heavy on our computers when it is being used to browse because it activates many services/processes to run separately on your system in order to interpret and handle your internet activities well. This is what Chrome does: it isolates every action and treats it is as a single entity. That is, all tabs, plugins, etc. are stored in a different RAM process (although the reason it does that is understandable). Chrome also comes with some default extensions.
These statements are not to discourage you from using the software; they are just for educational purposes. Chrome has always been one of my favourite browsers. So what I am going to teach you is how to deactivate some of those extensions and processes so as to make Chrome less heavy on your computer while browsing with it.

1. Avoid opening many files, programs or applications when browsing: this will make you have fewer processes running on your computer. If you only have a few numbers of processes running on your computer your RAM will have some space available, which will help it carry your browsing application well. Your RAM will breathe well.
2. Avoid opening many tabs at a time: the more the tabs opened the heavier the browser becomes. I know you would always want to visit many sites but do it one of after the other if you’re RAM is low. I think a maximum of 3 tabs is okay if your Random Access Memory is just 1 gig for example.
3. Clear your browsing data occasionally: all those sites you visited leave some data which help in reloading the sites easily when next you try to open them, but the problem is most of the data is stored on your computer RAM for easy access. Cache is an example of such data that needs to be gotten rid of. Also clear your browsing history when you have visited many different websites. Sometimes we visit a site we wouldn’t need to visit again, so it is nice to clear your data occasionally. The only disadvantage here is that those sites you have cleared their data will take a longer time to load when next you try to visit them.
4. Avoid playing online games: yeah, you don’t have to do this if your system hangs occasionally when on the internet. If the amount of available RAM on your machine is not greater than the one needed for the game to be executed it will not play and will likely hang your system when you try to play it. There are many online games which you can play virtually on any laptop, though; you just have to avoid anything connected with playing games online if you have a computer that hangs or freezes.
5. Open task manager and disable some processes: open you windows task manager and deactivate any process that you think is taking up so much of your RAM and is unnecessary for your browsing to go on.


If you are using Chrome you should also locate its Task Manager and Extension area and do some actions. On the browser’s interface click Shift + Esc to open the Task Manager (on Windows). Once it has opened click and end the resource-heavy processes.
6. Also disable your extensions. Click on Chrome customization and control button – a dropdown menu will appear. Hit on more tools and then Extensions. There, click and put your extensions off so that they will only be on when you decide to use them. As you can see on the photo bellow, my two extensions were disabled even though they are default extensions.


NOTE: If you want a detailed explanation of some of the things said here, click here. Though it is a post about fixing freezing computers, freezing and hanging of computers are much related. In fact some people hardly or do not know the difference, which is why you cannot talk about freezing computers without relating them to hanging computers. The link talks about the meaning, causes and solutions for freezing computers in general.

LAN means Local Area Network, which is used as a standard for connecting computers to the internet or to each other (one computer to another) via Ethernet cable in other to send and receive data. However if the drivers associated with this standard are bad (incompatible with your operating system, corrupted or improperly installed) they can cause huge problem to your browsing experience. The problem caused by LAN drivers that are not functioning well include the following: hanging/freezing non connectivity to the internet, slow connection speed, pages loading slowly, etc.

If you found out that the reason why your system is hanging on you while on the web is not because of low RAM you can consider doing this. Check and know if your LAN drivers are up-to-date and if they are not, try and update them. You can set your computer to make some important update automatically (recommended).
It is simple. If your system hangs on the internet and you find out that you still have enough space AVAILABLE on your Computer Performance just know that the problem is from your LAN drivers or elsewhere. Check Memory and CPU usage through System Task Manager. I think your Memory and CPU usage should always be less than 85% each. Always have at least 10 or 15% reservation.

DISCLAIMER: Your conclusion about how to fix computers that hangs or freezes on you while on the internet and how to fix them may not be based on this tutorial. Always take your computer to a physical and reliable technician when the problem persists, and when you want to know more about the exact cause of the problem.

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