Grammarly Review: Open a Grammarly Account

What Is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an application or extension for your computer or browser that verifies English grammar, spelling, punctuation, structure of sentences and even style.

Read this Grammarly review and let’s talk about it together.

Grammarly can be used in several ways. The most common is to install the extension on Chrome so that you can use it when you write emails and messages in Gmail, Outlook, Messenger and your entire writings.

Once it has been installed on your browser, you are sure of it working on any website you open with that particular browser, including social networks like Facebook, Medium, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

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It is compatible with Microsoft Word and Outlook, you just have to install the add-on first.

Grammarly Is Also Available On Phone

This wonderful grammar-checker and writing assistant can also be used in phones with iOS and Android operating systems.

And this is one of the features I like most about the app. You can have this corrector on your mobile, so you won’t have to be writing erroneous sentences on your mobile phone again. Just go to App Store or Google Play Store and download it. After download, you can then proceed to create an account for it.

Since I write mostly with my phone I always activate the app first to avoid making unnecessary mistakes while writing.

Who is Grammarly Application made for?

If you write in the English Language you need to have it installed on your devices.

As you have seen Grammarly is an English proofreader, but it will not write for you, you have to know English, you have to express yourself more or less correctly so that this tool can detect what you want to say and then offer you the most correct option.

In my case Grammarly is perfect, I know how to speak English but not perfectly, because it is not my language. Also, I did not study it in school, I learned it by practicing.

Sometimes when I speak or write English I commit many grammatical errors. And since I write for the public I need to make my writings look formal… That is why I need an application like Grammarly.

Grammarly Free and Premium Accounts

There are two versions of this program, Free account, and Premium account, in the statement below you can see the differences between the two versions.

Features Available In Grammarly Free Account

Grammar correction,

Spelling and punctuation correction.

Features Available In Grammarly Premium Account

Grammar correction,

Spelling and punctuation correction,

Integration with MS Office,

Suggestions for vocabulary improvement,

Definitions and grammar rules,

Plagiarism review, etc.

To see all the advantages of the Premium plan visit

There is no difference in functionalities in the different premium plans, the only thing that changes is the price depending on the subscription time, of course, if you are interested in this software the annual plan is the cheapest. Just visit the site with one of the links provided here and make your choice.

Should I use Grammarly?

I have described the benefits of this product, and I think you should try it out. It will surely help you in your everyday writing endeavours.

Every day that passes its developers try to bring improvement to it. Though some people would complain that Grammarly free version is quite limited. It being limited is understandable considering how reliable the software is. The company works hard every day to make sure Grammarly is authentic and as such, they have to make money from it. This will help them to keep improving the system.

They don’t have to put its best features in the free version. Because if they do nobody would be interested in doing an upgrade.

However, if you want to enjoy this application very well you should consider doing an upgrade later.

Reasons For Using/Not Using Grammarly


Very easy to use.

Real-time correction.

It is very accurate.


Easy explanations (it tells you why it corrects you).

1. Very easy to use

You do not have to be a computer genius to use this software.

Basically, all you have to do is install the add-on or the browser extension, and go!

As in the spelling checker of Microsoft Word and Google Docs, Grammarly will highlight the wrong words or grammar, it will show you what to replace it with and why if you simply pass the cursor over it.

2. Real-time grammar correction

It is perfect when reviewing work and editing faster, as you write you will be corrected, instead of writing everything and then click on the “check the spelling and grammar.

It gives you much more security to see the errors as they happen, so you can change them immediately, it allows you to concentrate on the content knowing that in the end, you will have a clean final result.

Everything is automatic.

3. Very accurate

This grammar software would not make mistakes.

At times, it may misinterpret what you are trying to say or put a comma where you do not necessarily need it, but in general, it has a high accuracy rate.

Just be aware of why he is asking you to change something and only accept if it is correct.

4. Personalization

It is very customizable in its Premium version, in the free version of Grammarly they have cut this customization quite a bit.

You can select your preferred language (Canadian English, American English, British English, Australian English and more). You can also deactivate it on certain websites, as well as add new words that you use frequently to the dictionary.

This is perfect if you have words that you use regularly that are not “correct” words, such as brand names (eg. Techsfreak), jargon or abbreviations. It is not necessary to correct each one of these errors, just by clicking on “add to the dictionary” Grammarly remembers that this word has to be passed on.

5. Easy to understand explanations

Grammarly not only tells you when something is wrong, but this program also goes a step further with explanations so you can understand and improve.

So not only are you getting the benefit of much more polished writing, but you ‘re also learning grammar, you have a real-time teacher who will not let you pass one.


You must have an acceptable knowledge of English.

The free version is limited.

Advertising in the free version.

Monthly subscription.

1. Your level of English should be good

If you write phrases with many errors, it is possible that the software may not interpret correctly what you want to say and the result will not be satisfactory.

∆∆ Remember, Grammarly helps you fix mistakes, it cannot write or rewrite entire sentences for you!

2. Grammarly free version is limited

As you can see above, the free version of Grammarly is very limited. It really only has thee functions: correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

While this may seem an important disadvantage for some, it is perfectly acceptable for others.

Perhaps you may not need much more than the free features.

3. Advertising

By making an account you will be asked for permission to send you emails with promotions, this you can avoid by simply not checking the corresponding box.

However, if you use the free version they will announce through the Chrome extension from time to time, notifying you to upgrade to the Premium version. But it’s tolerable and not necessarily a deciding factor.

4. Monthly subscription

This is justified because it is a product that is continuously updated, every time it will give you more precision and you know that you always have the latest version with all the functionalities up to date.


Grammarly is a very complete software, especially in its paid version, if you write a lot in English and you are not native, this tool will be very useful when writing any document, emails, messages…

If you are studying English I recommend it, especially its Premium version where it will explain the grammar rules every time you make a mistake.

This is my opinion, if you try Grammarly I would like you to write yours in comments.

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