You have lost a wordpress site before? You never had but just wanted to learn how to back up your site in case you find it necessary anytime? I think you should find this precautionary solution necessary all the time. If you have ever lost a website or blog that has been well developed and grown you will understand what I am saying. One of the most painful experiences you can have as a site owner is losing it files and contents.

Today we are going to talk about simple processes you can use to backup and restore your wordpress website or blog within 10 minutes. However, there are lots of tutorials on the internet that talks about backing up your site for free but some of them are not reliable and may be hard to understand. I have come up with the easiest of all which anybody can easily follow.

To backup in this sense means to copy a part or whole version of a website and store in a separate online or offline file holder/storage system which can be your hosting server, hard drive, pen drive or cloud storage. Site backup system is a system always considered by site owners to make sure that they don’t lose the contents and data of their website. They occasionally download or upload them to a protected file holder. Backing your wordpress site up gives you the confidence that your site data and files are save and can be referred to whenever you experience any problem that causes file loss on your site or blog. With this solution you can backup even your MySQL (My Sequel) database.
Wordpress site backup may seem very technical to the ear but don’t worry, it is easy to do even if you are not a techie. Besides I am bringing the very simple and best way to do it, just as mentioned above.

Sometime ago I lost my laptop computer to some people who broke into our house and I must tell you that I lost a hell lots of files with it. One of the things that went with it was soft copy of a book that I had finished typing, and I had to refer to the holograph and start afresh. If I had backed those important files up on an external drive or cloud storage, I would have been able to get them back without much stress. You should backup your computer files just the way you should backup your internet or website files.
As a website or blog owner your design, codes and contents are your strength. As such you have to always make sure that they are backed up and protected. It doesn’t matter if you think your site is well secured with security or is hosted on a trusted server and company. You should always consider this precautionary measure in other to be on a save side, because even if you have not had any problem (that crashed your site or made you lose contents) with your site before, you may experience it someday. Anyway I pray you don’t experience such!
My little quote, ‘everything done with computer can experience problems.’ No matter how secured your site is, it can be infected with viruses or experience attacks from hackers. Apart from that your hosting company can have problem in the place they store your site data, which may cause a break down. Everyday hackers browse the web looking for servers or sites that they could break into and destroy or cause problem to. It may just be for fun or to test how secured your website is. Imagine if your blog has up to 400 or 700 articles with lots of comment and having been an authority in your niche, you experience any of the problem mentioned above and lose all the data and file contents. Ha-ha, I’m sure you are going to go crazy! Sorry for that word though. A lady I came across while researching on this topic said, ‘I have written and published more than six hundred articles on my blog, more than 50 saved on my wordpress draft folder, if I don’t back my blog up and I lose it, I am going to give up blogging and go and do some farm work. I do backup every day.’
I am not saying that you must back up your website before you can be successful with it. I am only saying that it is advisable to do site backup. In fact everybody I know thinks it is the right thing. Your site may not experience any problem even if it is being used for many years; in fact some people have never had to make any restoration from the backup measure they took for their site. Some other has made restoration of their sites many times. Do what you know is good always.

Well, just like other business companies your website hosting company will tell all the nicest things in the world just to make you think they are the best. They will tell you that they are going to be giving your site full backup regularly against any unforeseen problem. But the truth is you should never rely on what they tell you because it is not their responsibility to give your site a backup. You heard me right, the responsibility is wholly yours. Theirs is just to give you a hosting environment. No hosting company will want to give you a complete site backup for free, even if they tell you they do. If want to know if this is true go through their Terms of Service page. There they will always find a way to tell you to backup your website by yourself that it is not their responsibility to do so. Do not rely on what they tell you on their advert pages when it is about important issues like this.
When your host backs up your web (if you find one that really does), they will only backup some few things and not the whole site constitution and getting the files from them to restore on your site is not easy because you will have to contact them and follow some processes. But when you do it yourself you will backup everything on your site and can retrieve your backup any time you want because it was stored, managed and kept by you.

I am not going to worry you with so many solutions that may be hard to follow or implement because that is not going to be necessary. Even a newbie can follow what I am about to show you.
There are many plugins which can be used to give your wordpress website a backup means but we are going to only discuss the simplest one. The plugin we are going to use is called Updraftpluss and it is free to use. At least you can use it for our discussion without any payment.

Updraftpluss is one of the best plugins that is suitable for backup solutions and it has been used by more than 1 million websites through the years. It gives you the opportunity to back up all your website or blog content and database for free. Updraftpluss backup solution also allows you to run your backup on schedules, which ensures automatic backups for many times a day, once a day, fortnightly, weekly, monthly, etc. Another interesting thing about this plugin is that it gives you a direct link which you can use to restore your site at a go… that is just awesome.
You can backup your site online or offline. Updraftpluss allows you to backup your site on Updraftpluss Vault (a storage system created by its developers), Microsoft Onedrive, WebDAV, Dropbox, FTP, Amozon S3, Google Drive, Email and many more. However the one I am going to use for this demonstration is Dropbox and I want you to also use that as your remote storage when backing up your site files because Dropbox is reliable for this process. It gives you a good and reliable free storage space when you create an account on it.

The first thing to do is to log into your wordpress dashboard and search, download and activate the plugin just like you do with others.
THEN go to Setting and you will see Updraftpluss Backup at the down part of the drop down menu. Click on it to go to its functions interface. If you did not see it there it means that you have not activated the plugin.

backup site for free

Click on Setting when Updraftpluss opens.

Here you are going to set your backup time schedules and other things.

Files are your wordpress site’s updates, your themes, image, videos and you can decide to set the plugin to back them up daily, weekly or otherwise depending on what you like.
Your Database data are your codes, comments, pages, menus and settings. You can also set the schedule here or do it manually. My advice is to do your site backup every day if you update your site every day. For example if you have a blog that you post articles to every day, with lots of comment, you should also allow the plugin to automatically do the backup for you every day because you never can tell when a bad thing will happen.
Remote Storage is where you want your backup to be saved and we are choosing Dropbox. Click on the icon to open this:

Make sure all the upper options on the above image are ticked. Also tick the email option if you want to be receiving email updates about your backups.
Click on save afterwards. Your preferences will be saved and a pop up will show, which indicates that you have chosen a storage system and you have to click the link it carries in other to long into your storage account and do an authorization to enable the plugin to start its work. For example we chose Dropbox as our remote storage and we need to log into our Dropbox account. If you don’t have a Dropbox account yet you can go ahead and create one when the pop up shows.

You will be required to allow Updraftplus to peep into your Dropbox account and be able to create its own folder. The folder will help it to access your account independently. Click on the allow button.

Also read through the following message and follow the instruction to be able to finalize your setup action. You will be taken back to the Updraftpluss settings in your website admin area where you will now start the backup process.
Congratulation! You have successfully authorized your Dropbox account to be used as a storage point for your website backup. Go ahead and click on the backup button to start the process immediately. It will start loading and you will be informed when it is done.

Whenever there is a need for you to restore your site backup you can do it by following these simple steps.
Download and activate Updraftpluss on your wordpress admin dashboard just like before.
Click on Current status.
Hit Restore and connect your Dropbox account or any other remote storage you used while backing up your website and you will be able to do your site restoration easily.
NOTE: Updraftpluss has a premium version which costs around $70 a year and includes a solution that you can use to clone your entire website. You can use the free one and do your normal site backup and restoration though.


Our discussion has really gone a long way and I am sure that you have understood what backing up a wordpress site is all about. If you really understood the importance and the processes involved, always backup your site to avoid losing it completely when something bad happens to your website. If you cannot do the backup yourself you can contact me to do it for you for a token through the Hire Me page.
Do you like my effort on this post? Do you know of how best one can backup a wordpress website? Please, say your thought about this post through the comment area. That will make encourage me to give you more of the things I have learnt.
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