Best Android Note-Taking Apps

 Sometimes we tend to forget everything!

I do see people carying small notebooks around and writing down everything they wanted to remember. But the notes on paper have their limitations. You risk losing your notebook and not having applications that can store image notes or audio notes. Android note-taking apps have recently flooded Google Play Store. Here I have made a compilation of android note-taking applications based on the features they provide. All these applications are free to download and will surely help you increase productivity in everyday life.

I will advise you choose one of these applications that meet your needs. Also note that the list is not in order of preference, they are all good apps.

Here are the best applications for taking notes on your android smartphone

1. Evernote

My favorite right now…

Evernote requires you to register using your email address or Google Account. You can configure to use fingerprint lock to protect your notes. It allows you to take notes in a variety of formats such as text, attachments, handwriting, photos, audio and more. The app has a cross-platform feature, so that your notes are synchronized across all your devices. It is easy to set up reminders, make a checklist, or schedule events. In addition, Evernote supports home screen widgets for quick access to your notes.

The free version of the application will allow you to use it in two devices and in any browser. In addition, the free version allows up to 60MB uploads per month and file sizes up to 25MB. The app offers in-app purchases to subscribe to PLUS or PREMIUM plans and benefit from more storage space and many other features.

2. Scarlet Notes

Scarlet Notes
Price: Free


Scarlet Notes is an excellent android applications richly designed and feature-rich for taking notes with ease. You can sign in with Google to enable cloud synchronization. An option to add a label or name to your notes can help you find them easily. You can set different colors for your notes, and there is also a dark theme available for your customization. Users can lock notes using a PIN. Plus, you can search for notes, view archived notes, mark notes as favorites, and more

Scarlet Notes has widget support. Best of all, this alternative Evernote supports Markdown formatting. The application is an open source and without advertising.


3. OneNote

Microsoft’s OneNote is ai one of the most powerful android note-taking apps. You will need a free Microsoft account to use this application. It asks you to sign in using your email address, phone number or Skype ID. You can take notes by text, handwriting, drawing or clip content from the web. In addition, you can use tags to tag notes or to-do lists, and everything is carefully organized in the application.

OneNote syncs your notes across all your devices and supports multiple platforms. It allows many people to work on a content simultaneously. The application is part of the Office software family and works seamlessly with Office applications such as Excel or Word. Therefore, OneNote is very handy for teamwork and brainstorming ideas.

4. ClevNote

ClevNote is one of the best android note-taking applications cleverly designed to help you in your daily life. It is different from other note-taking apps, with its unique interface and its useful features. Apart from taking simple notes, it can do a lot more. ClevNote can help you organize bank account information and save it easily. You can then share your account number by copying it easily to the clipboard. Making a shopping list or any to-do list is easy and convenient. The app can help you remember birthdays with an additional memo and notification.

ClevNote stores the information you have in your device’s memory with AES encryption. You can also opt for cloud backup using Google Drive. The application can be locked with a password. In addition, there is a widget support.

ClevNote is lightweight and one of the best android note-taking apps. It has ads and offers in-app purchases.


5. Google Keep

With Google Keep, you can take notes in a variety of formats, such as text, images, handwritten annotations, or voice memos. The simplicity of the application is the best of all. Notes can be categorized by labels such as work, personal or any label that you like. You can set reminders by time or location (if your GPS is enabled). Reminders appear as a notification on all devices you’re signed in to with your Google Account. So, it is less likely that you miss it. By the time you write your note, it’s synced to your Google Account, so there’s no fear of losing it.

Your notes will be accessible from any browser and it also has a Chrome plug-in. it was launched in 2013, and I did use it sometime ago . It’s free, it does not display any ads, and can keep you organized in your daily life activities.


6. DNotes

DNotes is among the best android elegant note-taking applications with a beautiful design interface. The application does not require any online account to start. It’s simple and very much like Google Keep. You can easily take notes and checklists. In addition, you can add categories to organize your notes. DNotes allows you to search and share notes and lock them with your fingerprint. You can also choose multiple themes, set colors for your notes, and save your notes to Google Drive or the SD card.

This alternative Evernote supports widgets with customizable transparency. It comes with the integration of Google Now and you can take note by saying “Take a note” followed by the contents of your note. Overall, DNote is a highly customizable and user-friendly Android notes application that is free to download and displays no ads.

7. ColorNote
ColorNote is one of the most complete android note-taking apps. By that I mean it has all the features you should need. You do not need to sign in to the app, but you must do it if you want to sync your notes and use the online backup features. The first time you open the application, it will guide you through a tutorial that you can choose to ignore, but which is indeed useful. You can configure the app with three themes, including a dark theme. Once you have finished writing a note or checklist, it will be saved automatically when you press the back button. You can set a specific time or day for note reminders.
In addition, you can pin a note or checklist to the status bar in case you are the forgetful type. I do this a lot.
Another useful feature is “autolink” where the application automatically detects web links or phone numbers in your notes and takes you to your dialer or browser with just one click, sparing you the hassle of copy and paste. Apart from all these features, you can change the color of your notes, set memo widgets, organize notes by calendar view, lock notes by password, share notes and more. The application is free to download and without advertising.

 8. My Notes

My Notes - Notepad
Price: Free+

This application can be used as a notebook or diary. The app organizes your notes into folders classified into newspapers, finance, health, personal, shopping and work. Your records can be protected using a password, a PIN code or a fingerprint. It’s easy to search for notes in the app and notes can be sorted by date, title or folder. You can add a reminder for each of your notes. Notes can be synced using Google Drive. Also, My Notes can automatically detect phone numbers, email addresses and web links to help you navigate with one touch. A disadvantage of the application is that it does not have an intuitive interface to maintain the checklist.

You can set home screen widgets for easy access. The app displays ads and offers in-app purchases.

If you found this list of android note-taking apps helpful share your comments in the box below. Keep browsing techsfreak for more interesting posts.
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