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Majority of Android users generally rely on the default keyboard application pre-installed on the device. However, there are countless of options for the installation of third-party Android keyboard from Google Store. These keyboard applications are delivered with fun themes, new features, advanced typing options and highly customizable page layouts.

As the Android keyboards ranges are constantly changing, the need for an effective keyboard seems to be a necessity to stay updated on the latest features.

I have planned a list of five keyboard applications for Android, that are safe and secure that you can use as alternatives to your default keyboard.

Please, this list is not in order of preference. It is a compilation of the best keyboard Apps for Android OS. Choose according to your needs.

Of course you should install just one.

5 best keyboard applications for Android

1. SwiftKey

SwiftKey Keyboard
Price: Free

For iOS:

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

SwiftKey is one of the best keyboard applications to replace the native keyboard application on iOS or Android device. It is approved by more than 250 million users worldwide. Sometime ago, around March 2016, SwiftKey was acquired by Microsoft for an impressive amount.

This Android keyboard app uses artificial intelligence which allows it to learn automatically and to predict words depending on what you have typed and are typing. Swiftkey offers an AutoCorrect entry and typing of gestures for faster entry.

It intelligently learns your typing scheme and adapts to it. The application also comes with a good range of different themes, emojis, integrated into the GIF search engine, separates the rows of numbers, and is a great keyboard for bilingual people.

In addition, SwiftKey has a robust privacy policy. It learns or keeps nothing from the fields marked as password field, nor does it remember credit card numbers. It allows you to opt for the cloud service and remove your information. Overall, SwiftKey can make typing much more enjoyable. It is available for free with purchases for additional themes on Google play store.

2. Touchpal Keyboard

TouchPal is among the best keyboard applications for Android, which has more than 500 million users worldwide. It is available for free and is compatible with most Android phones.

TouchPal is feature rich and provides all the necessary features such as GIFs and emojis, emoticons, typing, keyboarding gestural, T+ & T9, AutoCorrect, predictive text, line numbers, multilingual support, etc.

This third-party Android keyboard app includes speech recognition, stickers, writing of a single key, and other useful tips. The app has integrated a small internal store to manage add-ons and adverts.

3. Chrooma Keyboard

Chrooma is quite similar to Google keyboard, except that it offers much more customizable options than Google keyboard.

You will find all the essential features such as the gestural input, keyboard resizing, predictive actions and AutoCorrect. Chrooma also covers some additional features such as adding a separate number line, the Emoji support, GIF search, multilingual support, hand mode, etc. It also added a night mode feature which can change the color of the keyboard.

This keyboard application for Android is powered by smart artificial intelligence that gives you more precision and better contextual prediction while typing. The fun thing about the keyboard Chrooma application is adaptive color mode, which means it can adapt automatically to the color of the application you are using and bring up the keyboard as if it were part of the application.

Chrooma has a free version that comes with in-app purchases. The paid version provides you with more customizable options such as turning off the line of actions, more themes, and further change the appearance of the keyboard.

4. Go Keyboard

Go Keyboard is one of the best keyboard Apps for Android that you can use to replace your default keyboard. The keyboard has a simple and minimalistic design, which is very convenient. It can improve and facilitate your typing style.

Among its many features, Go supports the keyboard for a variety of languages, even those that do not use Roman script. It also includes built-in dictionaries that can tell you the meaning of any word in any language. Go Keyboard packs more than 10,000 different themes, emoji, GIFs, fonts, etc. In addition, it includes a lock screen slide – unlock and charge mode functionality that is unique to the application.

Go Keyboard is free but contains advertisements and in-app purchases.

5. Gboard

Google has updated its Keyboard app for Android since December 2016 and it has been getting updates ever since.

Gboard has everything you would love: speed and reliability, gestural input, speech input, etc. The new update also includes a fully integrated Google search engine, which allows you to quickly share the results of research on your keyboard. It also suggests some GIFs and emojis while you type. Gboard also has a minimalistic design that fits perfectly on your phone.

Additional features include options for dark theme, adding a personal picture as a background for keyboard, dictation, the prediction of sentence, hand-drawn emoji recognition, voice typing, etc.

In addition, it supports multilingual typing and supports more than 100 different languages. This feature-rich and simple keyboard for Android OS is completely free to download. It shows no unnecessary advertising and includes no in-app purchases.

Did you find this list of keyboard applications for Android useful? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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