Best Android Apps for Parental Control, Track Your Children’s Behaviour

Connection to the Internet, smartphones, tablets and computers is a universal gateway where everything could be found. Left unrestricted for children and teens, there is much to worry about. Because they are likely to use this resources inappropriately. But if you want to have peace of mind, you can use applications specifically designed to regulate the use of mobile devices.

Check out my selection of the best parental control apps for Android. 

There is more than one reason to control the use of smartphones among the little ones. It’s not just about preventing access to adult content or anything else that may compromise your security. Some parental control applications allow for example, to limit the time spent on other applications or video games. In addition, in case you share a device with your kids, be informed that you could end up with exorbitant expenses with games and other applications that showcase in-app purchases. If the debit card that you have connected to your Google account, for example, is always loaded with money, your kids might not care much about how they spend on the store. No thanks to app developers who always put in-app purchases in their various applications.

Kids don’t know that money finishes…!

I do not want you to live in constant worry. I will show you 5 applications to set up a parental control on your kids’ Android devices.


1. Family Link

Family Link is a new Google parental control app. It was designed to help parents set strict rules to control kids’ habits on Android smartphones and tablets, as well as iOS. Create a Google Account for your child (under 13), sign in and manage the apps your kid can use, or the time they can spend on the phone’s screen. You also have the ability to remotely lock the device when it’s time to do some homework or go to bed. All activities can be controlled from another Android or iOS device.


2. Kaspersky SafeKids

Kaspersky offers a multiplatform parental control app. Also available on the Play Store, it offers many free features:

  • blocking access to content and applications for adults in addition to other web filtering options,
  • creating a list of sites and applications that can be blocked or authorized,
  • limitation of the time of use of the device, etc.

The application also offers a paid option, which gives a geolocational feature that allows you to track the location of your children on a map with the GPS function, option to receive alerts when they leave defined areas, etc.


3. Locategy

This is a very complete parental control application. One of it’s main features is the ability to track the location of your child, like the option proposed by Kaspersky. You can also receive alerts when the child arrives or leaves defined areas (house, school, church, playground, etc.). The application also includes a web filtering feature, which you can use to block access to pornographic content or other sites deemed dangerous for children, in addition to the possibility of having a view of the history of web pages your child visited. Like other parental control apps in this selection, you can limit the hours of use of each app, set when nothing works (bedtime, homework, dinner, etc.).


4. Qustodio

Qustodio Parental Control app is like Locategy and Kaspersky, and can also track the geolocation of your children. It’s premium features is awesome. There is web filtering option too to prevent access to pornographic and ‘harmful’ contents. You can follow the activities of children on the web, decide which games and applications they can use and when, limit the time the phone should be put on, etc.


5. Kids lolPlace

Kids Place is a very simple, yet effective parental control app. It allows you to create a secluded part on the smartphone via a kind of launcher on which you will select the applications allowed to be opened. Calls, SMS, installations from the Play Store and other default functions could be blocked. You can add as many authorized applications as you want, while making others inaccessible on the phone.

This is an excellent way to confine your child to the use of the applications you have chosen. A function also allows you to set a time limit for each app. Though some featuress are not free, the application is very okay.


Final Word: Letting your kids to use the device you have bought for them independently and without being controlled is much preferred by them, but this may have negative effects on the long run. What kids see online or on games can get into their head and cause them to behave in a bad way. So today I want to advise you to check out one of these apps and use it to track and control your children’s behaviour, both at home and when they go out.

You like my selections? You want to make a suggestion or correct something? Say your thought in the comment box.

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