Automatically Copy USB Files When Inserted on Your Computer

USB sticks have been, for some years now, indispensable accessories in our everyday life. These storage units can be used to store all kinds of files and keep them safe. They are portable and can be carried along to anywhere.

Today I am going to teach you a  very interesting way you can use to automatically copy the contents of  any USB or pen drive that is inserted on your windows computer. Yes, copying the contents of a USB drive automatically is possible. If for example, you have a friend who comes to plug his or her USB device on your laptop and you want to copy contents it carries without your friend’s knowledge, this tutorial will help.

But hey, don’t do that! You are supposed to tell your friend that you love some of his files and wants to copy them to your system before you try doing that. Your friend will be glad that your love his files…

Ok, maybe you should use this trick on people who are not actually your friends. Or when doing such without the owner’s knowledge is the best option.

Thanks to a small program named “USB Capture”, which launches in the background on the computer system and does its work without even you (the owner of the computer) knowing. It is possible for it to detect any insertion of a USB drive in the USB ports and to copy the whole contents of it to a special directory on the Hard Disk. No one would see what is happening.

Let’s Talk a Little About the Program

Let’s talk a little about the software before I tell you how to download and install it on your computer. USB Capture is a service-only application that copies or capturrs all the data (folders and files) from any USB device to a local folder immediately the USB device is plugged in. It will keep the same folder structure of any file it copies. If you don’t want to copy a specific USB drive you can set the software to exclude it using Device ID feature on the program. This feature will help you to not copy your own USB drive’s files everytime you insert it on your PC.

The application is very useful and will give you the opportunity to have a copy of files of every pen drive plugged in on your laptop. Think about a case of an intruder inserting an USB on your computer, this program will capture all  the files on his or her USB device and copy them for you (even when you are not around).

It Good Features:

1. It is compatible with windows XP, Vister, 7, 8, 10 (32/64 bit).

2. It is a Freeware.

3. USB Capture is lightweight, you won’t even notice it on your machine (just about 1.3 MB).

4. It is free of malware or spyware.

5. It works remotely in the background whenever your computer system is put on.

6. USB Capture works as a Windows service.

Here is the Main Deal

To install USB Capture, here is the procedure to follow:

1. Download the program on this website

2. When the download is  done, go to it’s folder and open the folder corresponding to your Windows version (32 or 64 bits).

3. Copy-Paste the folder “USBCaptureSvc” to the root of C:\

4. Open this directory, right click on “Install.bat”

5. Then click on “Run as administrator”. And the service is now being installed on your machine.

To do a test, simply plug in a USB drive, any port on your computer will do the trick. After a few seconds, take a look check C:\USBcaptureSvc\USB-COPIED\ directory and you will see all the data of the USB stick on your computer.


This post is for educational purposes only. Do not use the knowledge it conveys illegally, otherwise do not refer to

Be mindful of where you insert your USB drives if you don’t want your device or files to be misused. People may have such programs on their computer too…. Or even worse programs. Maybe some that can automatically infect your USB with virus.

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