Let’s talk about some good android apps that will help to make your phone’s battery last longer than before.
Batteries are very important on our phones and should be taken good care of, because without them our android phones will not power on. Whether your battery is inbuilt or otherwise, all batteries need to last long for us when charged. The apps I am about to show you now will help you to boost your battery life spam when charged.

Note that you must not try to install all the apps and use. Just check the one(s) that is/are good enough for you and install from Google Play Store.
Will the apps actually extend the life of your battery? NO. Their work is to help you control the processes running on your phone, thereby minimizing the battery usage.
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1. Greenify
This app was initially available only for Android smart phones were rooted, but now everybody can use it. Greenify prolongs battery life by automating the process of hibernation (a process that saves battery life by preventing your applications from launching unnecessary activities). This application is one of the best alternatives to doze applications. People love this application because of the preferences available in it.

2. Battery Defender
Sometimes the best applications are the simplest. Very simple to use, this application does not attempt to do what can’t be done and only takes care of the most important elements.

Battery Defender can automatically turn on Wi-Fi and mobile data when you turn off the screen, while allowing applications to synchronize every 15 minutes. The application can also disable the network when you sleep as well as when the battery level becomes dangerously low. So if you want to improve your battery life without spending a lot of time, the Battery Defender is an ideal application for you.

3. GSam Battery Monitor
This is an essentially important android application. Though it does not do anything on its own to save battery on your phone, just as its name implies, it mainly monitors your phone and battery usage in other to give you information about battery draining applications on your phone. GSam Battery Monitor has the capability of showing you details on CPU and sensor data, wake time, wake-locks and behavior of applications on your phone.
It has a root companion that can give you additional and more detailed information.

4. JuiceDefender
Certainly, famous for its older but still very effective. The free version is very complete and very easy to use. This app automatically manages all applications activities that drain our batteries. JuiceDefender controls 2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity for better use of the battery on our android phone. It also controls the brightness of the screen, often fully than the device itself does. Nice little option: you can determine peak and off with time sleep on weekends (all without invasive advertisement)
Though the application lacks updates for several years, it still has many downloads and good rating of 4.5 star. Sorry, I just discovered that it is now paid for on play store, but I will give you a link to download it for free.
make android battery last longerDownload JuiceDefender for free here

5. Snapdragon Battery Guru
This app is one that will help to optimize the functionality of your android phone while allowing for a longer battery life. It also studies your behavior while you are using the phone. But one limitation with this application is that it only works on android phones that are powered by Snapdragon. The developers obviously want you to help in popularizing their mobile processor while using their app. That is understandable anyway. So if your phone is using the Snapdragon Processor you can as well use Snapdragon Battery Guru.

At first the application does not do much because it will only focus on monitoring your use to discover what you do and when you do, to suit your usage. For example, when you go to bed, the application can turn off your wireless communications. Of course, the app is not useful if your phone is not Snapdragon powered.

Snapdragon app

Download Snapdragon Battery Guru here

6. DU Battery Saver & Fast Charge
With more than 600 million downloads and nearly five million 5 stars DU battery saver is one of the most compelling applications in this consideration. The free application provides optimization on your Android system in one click. It offers several options and preset modes to conserve battery power. Its Proposed improvements can save you 25% of the battery.

7. 2 Battery
We are looking for applications that will help save our battery, but if we have the one that can equally save our data we will love it. 2 Battery can put your mobile data off when you are not actively in use of it, thereby reducing battery drainage and your data usage with a single and simple action. It is simple and does not have menus that may bring confusion.
Also the app can occasionally put your mobile data on in other to enable synchronization of your messaging apps.

Let’s stop here for now. Do you have other Android applications that can help to save the battery life on our phone? Share it with us through comment. You will be appreciated. Also help me share the post with your friends and family.

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