7 Awesome Windows Shortcuts To Help You Work Faster

Before I don’t know much about computers just like many other people, my knowledge about computers was at the general level and worse than what ordinary people know about computers… no concept of shortcut keys. I did not even know about one of the commonest shortcuts:

[Ctrl + Alt + Del] called outwork manager, which is used when your computer get stucked.
Let’s talk about some of the shortcuts that we all need to know. They save time and make your work less stressful. One, two or three buttons combined can do a lot of things, save a lot of steps and make you use the mouse less. Well, taking off your hand from the keyboard and always grabbing the mouse when you are typing, for example, is more stressful. If you learn lots of these shortcuts and use them on your computer it is going to help you do your work with more happiness! Let me just say that. ‘Ctrl/Alt’ is the beginning of most of the shortcuts.
Here they are.
1. Close the current screen [Ctrl + W]

You may be doing something that you don’t want anybody to see on your computer and somebody just shows ups from behind. Most people try to look at your screen immediately they show up in the room because they want to know what has been keeping you busy.
The moment your supervisor or teacher walks over to you and you are on a puzzle game instead of the class work you were asked to do, just press ‘Ctrl+W’ to close your game immediately and without suspicion.

2. To Restore a Deletion Use [Ctrl + Z]

windows shortcuts
Did you accidentally or by mistake delete something on your computer? You can use this shortcut to bring back what you have deleted without going to the Recycle Bin of your computer. Just click those two buttons and your file, software or folder will reappear immediately.

3. Show the Desktop [Windows + D]

windows shortcuts
Someone might have closed the work he was doing and left, not wanting to leave his work open. Maybe he did not want you to see it. But you have moved to see the work the moment he left, and soon you notice his foot steps behind the door, don’t go about trying to navigate the cursor to the minimization button of the window. Use this particular way to do the action before a second.
NOTE: You can press the same thing to open the work again.

4. Open File Manager [Windows + E]

windows shortcuts
I use this particular Windows shortcut often. It allows you to quickly open your file manager from anywhere on your computer. It helps a lot whenever you want to look at a particular file from your Hard Drive, especially when you don’t have your File Manager icon on your Toolbar.

5. Lock Screen [Windows + L]

windows shortcuts
I use this shortcut too many times. Maybe I am working on my laptop and I hear my name being called in the other room, I will just press Windows button + L to lock the screen so that no one can look into my computer or open it.

6. Collapse ALL Open Web Pages, Files, etc. [Windows + M]

windows shortcuts

If you have opened many files, programs or web pages and needed to collapse or minimize all of them you don’t have to start doing it one by one, which will take you some time. Use the above shortcut to do it to save yourself the stress.
NOTE: This particular shortcut does not work like [Windows + D]. If you press the keys again the minimized items will not reopen.

7. Copy & Paste [Ctrl + C/V]

windows shortcuts

In my mind I think these two are very popular, though I know some people are still not familiar with them. The two allows you to copy and paste items or files and it is used in MS Word and many programs too. [Ctrl + C] is for copying, while [Ctrl + V] is used for pasting.

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